102 thoughts on “Learning to be at home in silence

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    • Thank you, Alienora. It was inspired by a meeting with someone I knew very little of beforehand. After some hours of conversation I realised that there had been many a pause. If sometimes I am tempted to fill in those pauses, for some reason I did not then. With a friend that would’ve made no difference, but I wondered whether my no-yet-friend minded, or thought it perhaps somewhat odd that this should be the case. So afterwards I apologised, claiming that I had been overtaken by a bout of melancholy and words did not come quite so easily.
      Then came the reply: “I am at home in silence.”
      Well… perhaps it was to be expected that a fellow artist and poet should say it.
      I thought it so beautiful, that I did not want to lose it, so this is my way of keeping both that phrase and the memory of that evening alive.

      • Oh, how lovely, Vic; it sounds as if it was a wonderful evening, and that you connected with this new friend at a very deep level. xxx

      • It was one of those rare moments when you feel that you have known someone for a long time, despite having only just met them. A kindred soul that unawares reacquainted me with parts of myself I had long forgotten. A wonderful evening. Yes, it was certainly that, Alienora 🙂 xx

      • For the record I knew before I read the comments. Haha.

        Of course I did have some additional hints as to context from earlier conversation.

      • True. I’m quite sure that we’ve been having extended conversations on both blogs and Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if your comments are top of the list in my stats by now 🙂

      • Umm You know that ring. It has a power of its own. Once it has hold of you, it will not relent. Unless… a journey awaits. It is nearing tis beginning. The fires of a distant mountain call for the ring. It must obey the call of its master, whether that will mean power or doom. The ring will find its way back to the heart of the mountain.

      • Well ok. But you are miscast as the good guy here, as I have broken no British law. And you are operating contrary to International Law. I will see you in the Hague! And the UN, and..

        Where’d you go? Durned Secret Services and all their Secreting and apparently Servicing…

        PS: I know he’s Austrailian. Just go with it cause of Cool Bagpipes!

      • I stand corrected! I thought you were referring to a new post. Post Saturday night post type deal.

        I read the old one from August.

      • I am all knowing!

        I’m just not certain what I know at any one time though.

        It’s hard to be omniscient, as I don’t have instant recall tied to it.

      • I shall now be on watch for an Englishman coming to Fresno to enquire why you are giving me virtual tours of London!

        Unless he is not the jealous type! 😉

      • Afraid not, actually.

        I know you have a thing for Scots in Kilts though. So not surprised.

      • I just found it. I have read it. But I thought it was going to be a new post when you asked if I had read it.

        Date night shenanigans or something… LoL…

        Typically if I’m not firsthand involved in the sex life I’m not interested in the actual factuals. Stories are fine though, haha.

      • I shocked a few Cumberfans with that one. One of them tweeted before reading the whole post: “Benedict Cumberbatch bad in bed? Impossible!”
        It made me wonder whether they ever made it to the end, or whether there are now rumours going around the Tweetosphere that @shardsofsilence has bedded Cumberbatch lol

      • I shall start one forthwith! Good idea Vic!

        It’s quite possible he’s bad in bed as he’s English. Might be into buggery for all I know.

      • I responded to your Cumberbatch tweet with a rumour!

        But i put in the legally required “J/K” so everyone knows I was kidding!

      • I missed a comment, but I need an Emperor.

        LoL. It was a funny tweet. Your reputation is intact. I don’t know if anything else is. Such is life.

      • Isn’t it just? Would take some guts to date that lady, and even more to break up with her. She’ll have your proverbial (Ahem) for breakfast 😉

      • Yeah. Like dating Taylor Swift.

        Make her angry and you end up with a horrible song about you. LoL.

      • My dog keeps trying to sneak into the kitchen, But I can hear the tap tap tap of his nails.

        I guess I should close the kitchen door and take him for a trim, haha.

        He’s pretty frustrated.

      • Took him for a walk, but his nails are refusing to grind down naturally.

        He’s 14 so he only walks when he wants to. He runs out the doggy door if he doesn’t want to go for a walk, haha.

      • My animals are very smart. My cat Rounder can open the locked doggy door from the outside.

        I have no idea how he does it…

        I have 5 to 10 minutes to eat after I throw him out the front and he goes to the back and breaks in.

      • LoL. That song kills me.

        In the sanitized version for the radio they edited out the little death reference, changing the word to “sings”.

      • Conrad from @winewankers and @Evacharya is gonna be Boba Fett & Darth Vader in the #toastersodes the dark side.

        Sahm is gonna be Lando Calrissian. I’m getting a full cast. Haha.

        You want to be a baddie? lol.

      • Not me. I am quite happy to have Brits about in the line of fire! My favoritey cousins next to Australians.

        Don’t get me started on the French though. Smelly.

        Germans are ok, as long as they aren’t Nazis.

        Swedes are unusually good tennis players every 6th generation.

        Dutch are ok, when not in their Orange period.

        Italians are consumed with Venice sinking and the tower leaning so are a bit boring…

      • What about the Swiss? You left out the Swiss and the Greeks, and the Austrians, and the Belgiums – must have a little something about the Beligiums, although I’m not surprised ha! always forgotten in the annals of history, whether they have the seat of the EU or not lol

      • I’m not going to talk about every country. I only have 140 characters!

        They are a little bit jumped up having the EU on home court aren’t they?

        The Swiss are always guarding something. Be it the Pope or stolen Nazi treasure. I find in their zeal to be trustworthy bankers that I do not in fact trust them.

        Once you go Greek… (Already used that) I can think of no reason to Feta the ill-fated Greeks. Conquered by Romans, who were just jumped up former Greeks mixed in with Samites and who knows what all…

        How do you lose a war to people that had to suckle on a wolf to survive? Pretty sad, that.

        Belgium bores me.

      • Belgium bores most people. You are at home here, especially when it comes to the Brits. I am yet to read a novel in which a Brit visits Belgium and is not bored out of his wits. Dull. Dull. Dull. But they do have good chocolate mind. Could give the Swiss a run for their money when it comes to it. Although the Swiss I hear could give the Belgians a run for their chocolate when it comes to dullness. [I’m in so much trouble here, I don’t even know where to begin! 😉 ]
        Spain might be worth a mention though hehe and Portugal.

      • Spain of course is steel reeling from the loss of their Armada, gold from the Spanish Main and the inquisition.

        They are attempting to cover for former glories by Basqueing about nude on Malta, and hoping you don’t notice they are trying to conquer the place.

      • They still have an axe to grind with us over Gibraltar. Have they ever bothered to visit the place? It is more British than Britain lol

      • Doh, I meant Gibraltar!

        I knew that… Captain Jones has stopped in Gibraltar many times. He’s been a poor courier basically in the Royal Navy…. Go here, go there. Don’t run into the French Fleet, mind…

      • I’d say they try to feel extra patriotic to keep the Spanish influence away and remind themselves they are British, haha.

      • Belgium is just a jumped up Luxembourgh anyway. Seen one hideaway valley, you’ve seen them all.

        Why didn’t anyone conquer Luxembourgh anyway?

        Never even read about them in WW2.

      • Cheap petrol does have it’s own appeal though. You guys pay through the nose for gas,,,

      • I went to microwave some noodles, lol. And the comments are nearly longer than the bubble button allows.

        Look at your blog post by the way. It’s pretty hard to follow our conversation in the threaded comments, haha.

      • I heard they have vulnerable heels or something. Just have em step on your tricky ring. Should work.

      • LoL.

        Well shoot. I’m beat. You have outlasted me. It’s only 9:22 PM here, and I’m going to head to bed.

        Good night.

      • Austrians are just Germans that got lost on the way to Italy in some barbarian migration.

      • They can Sturm and Drang all they want. And Ride of the Valkyries also. I don’t care. 😉

        Good lord. How long can you lean on the glories of an old dead man.

        Have I ever given you my speech on the Founding Fathers?

        Seems Benjamin Franklin was quite a player while in France. Removed quite a few Cumberbuns himself I hear.

      • I need an Emperor, a Storm trooper and some assassin droids to fill out the Death Star cast, lol.

      • I feel I must warn you that I can impersonate an English man to the point of fooling Californians and rather silly English on internet forums.

        I have no idea how watching Benny Hill, James Bond and Monty Python made me sound British, but I do get the humor at least.

        And I will make anything into a joke if I want as well. 😉

      • I hear you loud and clear lol
        Look forward to more of your humour – can never get too much. I love a good laugh me, whether it comes in British form or any other 🙂

      • I don’t understand the word, “humour.” The closest word in English is humor. So I feel there is some element of miscommunication.

        Please clarify! 😉

      • Homour, my darling, is the only humour there is. Humor, on the other hand is missing out on the interaction part of things. There should always be an “U” involves when it comes to having a laugh. Can’t do it on your own. Ok… maybe you can do it, but it’s only half the fun, and only 5/6th of the humour 😉

      • Is that Homer Simpson, or Homer of the Iliad?

        I certainly hope that people are laughing and that you are not a bot!

      • Well, ok. Takes 2 to tango, and I’m a 50/50 kind of guy. So please type this code #Krew before responding! #BotKheck! 😉

        I hate those bot checks on websites, so annoying.

      • You are the only person that calls me Kavalkade by the way. people usually say Andy or Krew. lol.

        Why did you choose Kavalkade? My old twitter handle?

      • I like the sound of it. It’s a Kavalkade after all! Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade 🙂 I’m happy to call you Andy or Krew, if you prefer it, but I’ll probably still be thinking Kavalkade as I do so. 😉

      • I shall now quit talking so you can actually go to sleep! I hate to be responsible for overly tired Ladies, unless it was directly entertaining! 😉

      • Just noticed I left your blog link out of the post, haha.

        Shall fix as soon as I finish rocking out.

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