Did I hurt you?

I am one of a handful of people who are guest-blogging on HarsH ReaLiTy this weekend. This is my first piece. On humour ha! I thought it only fair since that’s how OM and I first met. Let me know what you think, and check out the others’ guest posts too. It’s an experiment and your input on this could make all the difference.
Ta and Cheerio xxx

6 thoughts on “Did I hurt you?

  1. Coming from a show business family always ready with the one-liner or comeback, I know that humor can hurt. As I grew older, I grew more aware and kinder. I would rather play to another person’s good points now, making them feel more valuable. But…….that one-liner tendency does not want to abdicate and it shows its head when the occasion encourages it.
    You and I share the same grandeur of the sea photograph at the top of our blogs, and I find that amusing
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Please write more.

    • Dear English Professor, What a lovely reply. Ah, yes, the temptation of the one-liner is very difficult to resist, and sometimes not worth resisting, but I’ve come to learn that those times are rarer than the others. Will do mu best to keep it up, and write some more, of course. Thank you.

  2. I am new at your blog and I read only a few posts so far but I really like it!
    I have exactly the opposite problem: I say too little for fear of saying too much, the right answer comes to my mind hours later than the actual conversation and the result is that I often feel like I’m not standing up for myself enough.
    I think the main problem with taking my tongue constantly in check is that, in the end, when things become insufferable, I explode for nothing and the damage is even worse that what could have been if I had said something sooner.
    In the end, I believe we shouldn’t deliberately hurt people… but sometimes you’ve just got to speak your mind.

    • You’re right, Irene. There is a balance to be struck. I’ve always been somewhat cheeky – even as a child I’d pipe up if I spotted an injustice, whether real or imagined. Bottling things up is never a good idea. Like you said, if too many things are left unsaid, it’s easy to become a ticking time bomb.
      Glad you like my blog, I’m off to check out yours next 🙂

      • You are very welcome. To me blogging is about mutual support and interaction as much as it is about creating a platform to hone one’s writing skills. Officially, I’ve just had my third month blogniversary on the 31st of October, but in truth I have another few days before I reach it (on the 13th shhh ;)) Glad to have met you on this adventure and I’m sure it will be a better journey for it.

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