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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Taken through the window of an airplane, this is a photo of darkness receding into light as the landscape collapses into the sea, but what struck me most about this image as I was about to capture it was the play of light on the horizon: an almost a rainbow.

Sappho’s Soliloquy


Sappho's Soliloquy

Abrasive Time its wielding wheel discloses.
Futile quests embarked upon and lost.
All is smoke, broken from skies, shattered,
Impious slaves.

Twinning stars search in vain for the rainfall.
Their pallid sheen of infinity dreaming silent.
Tainted fates in fiery pain bemoaned. Dice
Today austere.

Where I begin, therein lays the conclusion.
My Cerberus you, the hand shadows a-sculpting.
All that I labour comes to die in your night,
Hades, have mercy!

Barren worlds cut deep elusive spirits.
Past arid lives that stifle my flight.
Vapour wings gift my flesh to the sea
Of disobedience.

Vacuum. Chaos. Peace is in beginnings:
Skies from waters are yet to be parted…
Dead today is within us the light
Of understanding.

Shards of Silence


Shards of Silence

Silence shards in poetry
When the blackness snows me white,
Then in howling symmetry
Paths asleep my sorrow’s flight.

My cry unheard: adrift.
My path unseen: a rift.

Specs of sand, autumnal light
Falls in dusk, impounding
Dreamlike quills of wings in flight
Ringing still, unsounding.

In a desert so bleak
Shadows timelessness seek.




I am at peace when skies are filled with stars,
When children sleep and wake without fear.
If only we could love a little more,
And let that feeling our actions steer.

I am at peace when meadows are abloom,
When young and old know not the name of hunger.
If only we could give a little more,
And never fall asleep in dread or anger.

I am at peace when waters sparkle green,
When men and women live without strife.
If only we could dream a little more
And learn to breathe the beauty of this life.

This post comes a little late. It was my contribution to “Dungeon Prompts – Week 11: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?” Since at the time Project R was in session, I have delayed the publication of the poem until a later date. The day after Guy Fawkes seems like the perfect time to share it with you.

If you would like to write an essay, short story, poem or share a picture or song that meditates on the concept of peace, please follow the link below:

Welcome to my world… In/verse


Welcome to my world... In/verseAccursed        A Coin for the Journey         Adieu

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                        Atonement            Auburn Dreams           A wordsmith’s drought

                                       Bathed in Light             Before the end of time           Betrayal

                                    Birthday Blues              Bright Young Things              Bruised

                    Captured            Chekov Me Out: Leader Me!            Cloud Nine

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                                       Epitaph           Erinyes           Extinguished         Falling…

   For my grandfather          For never was a story of more woe…

Fractured            Forbidden Fruit            Forget-Me-Not         Forgotten

       Gone Girl             Gradus ad Parnassum           Gridlock

                     If I were a painter             Impermanence            Imprint…

                                    Incandescent            In pain alone               In search of you

                                                       Insurrection            In the shadows             It Speaks!

                                     je ne regrette rein             Kafkaesque           King Lear

                  Last Kiss               Learning to be at home in silence

 Loss of innocence        Memory Pod       Ménage à trios

          Mimesis            Moments of You         My Depression… and Yours

                              Name That … You!             Not yet love           Of friendship and loss

Of Truth and Spleen

                   One night stand           Paradise Found             Peace           Phoenix

  Played              Postmodern Prayer            PROJECT R – Poetic Turn

               Prometheus Lost         Remember. Remember.        Replay       Reprimand

                               Resurrection          Return          Revenge          Sacred and Profane

                                               Sand-strokes…      Sappho’s Soliloquy       Scarred

Secrets in Indigo

                                          Secreted sighs          Self-portrait          Scorned

                     Shape Shifters          Shards of Silence        Silent music

  Skyfall            Sleeping Beauty        Speckles of Life     Stagecraft

Star-crossed Lovers          Stardust           Stargazing

        Straitjacketed            Sunrise            Surrogate Goodbye

                         Temptation         The End         The Confrontation of Guilt

                                                        The Poets’s Lament          The Price of Luxury

                                   The Secret…   The Serpent’s Kiss

                                                The Shaman         The sound of emptiness

                                                        Through the Trapdoor

                        Time                 Torn              TrollOped            Tunnel Vision

            Under another sky        Undisclosed        Unease          unKind

    Unloved           Unpicked           Unnamed           Unrequited

Veiled Muse | Bitter-Sweet         Vow of Silence

      We are free          Weeping Angel          Window

                  What are you?            When words are not enough

                               Writers… we are all Outsiders

                                    You are One of One Hundred and One reasons to be grateful



Blood Tear

Whereto did such warm passion go, my wilful poet?

 What robbed your voice of balminess and heat?

 Reality, like ice, melts in your verses’ wake.

 All misconceptions skewered, fade away.

 But with it all, you leave behind too much.

 Can’t grasp at mist, ephemeral – all dreams.

 You question all the time spent in pursuit:

 What is its worth? What quest has value still?

 And to this I can only answer thus.

 Was not my smile enough upon your pillow’s edge?

 Did not my laughter twine its chime with yours?

 And when I lingered in amongst your sheets,

 Was I not poetry to your adoring prose?

 It’s all to be forgotten, you contend.

 All sullied in the toss of one cruel word.

 It wasn’t worthless. It was love, and then…

 Love’s end.

 If you refuse to treasure it. Your loss

 In memories… may never find repose.


In reply to Brittle by OpinionatedMan.

Gone Girl


Gone Girl

It pains: the memory of your caress.

  Limbs ache with loss, craved tenderness undress.

  Of burnished lips, unthinking clasped within,

  Warmth turned to grief and hunger turned to sin.

  Stay awhile longer in my mind’s embrace.

  Don’t smother yet that moment’s lingered grace.

  Let dreams stay true, and truth remain a dream.

  In frenzied gasps to yours again I lean.

  Seismic waves atoned for unremembered past.

  The subtext veiled, your passion could not last.

  And when your softness hardened to a lie,

  The last to know that you were gone was I.

  Death buried all under its bluish light.

  Another fall, another cut mid-flight.


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