I am a writer. There. I said it. It took me a while. Now that it’s out there it seems strange that I should have waited so long to claim the label.

What is it that I write? Fiction. And poetry, when the muse strikes.

Like an actor in a play, I step into someone else’s shoes, put on a mask and then I am ready. I used to find it very difficult to write candidly. So this is my new project: to delve into the past, burrow it for inspiration.

The past. The past is split between my parents’ happiness together – a time that is now so distant that sometimes I think I might have dreamt it – and their bellicose co-existence after their love had died a protracted, painful death. The past is my running away from it all.

I shall weave it with so many of my own imaginings until it becomes a new truth.

299 thoughts on “About

    • Oh! That is just lovely. I will come and read your post. It may take me a little while to write up my own, but will certainly do my best not to leave it too long. Thank you. 🙂

  1. I had no idea your blog was geared towards writing! this is amazing – thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog! can’t wait for your future posts! 🙂

    • My pleasure and I hope you will enjoy reading through some of the posts (my categories: “pick you shard edge” should help you find subjects you enjoy reading about). Very happy to meet a fellow writer. Wishing you a lovely and productive week ahead.

    • Hi Conrad, I was incredibly sad to hear that what was a friendly collaboration has not only broken apart, but it appears to have now taken so regretful a turn.
      I am sorry to hear of your distress. I wish I had a solution for this. I hoped from the very beginning of hearing of these developments that it may be nothing more than a misunderstanding between friends that once vented, would be left behind and forgotten. Ever the optimist, never did I envisage that it could escalate to such a degree.
      I always believed that there is enough space on-line for as many blogs – whether about wine or other subjects we love – as there are passionate people to write them and curious readers to read them. It is those aspects of our life that we ought to focus on and give our energies to: each can only enrich the lives of both writers and readers alike.
      I can not emphasise enough how saddened I am by all of this.

      • Again, sorry about all this Vic. He’s now attacking OM, relentlessly as he does. I feel for OM, he’s a sometimes troubled trooper with a great heart and doesn’t need the likes of this guy beating down on him for daring to do the right thing. Gawd I hope this ends soon!

      • I understand, Conrad, and sorry for the delay in my reply. In all honesty the whole thing made me wonder whether this is the best place for me to be. As a writer I need positive energy to be inspired and create, and this is certainly not something to bring a smile to one’s day. I have been receiving ping backs on the topic (that unfortunately flashed on my mobile phone screen which made it impossible to pretend they did not exist) until fairly recently which sadly did not help with what I aimed to achieve by my renewed leave of absence: get away from it all and hope it disappears and leaves all involved relatively unscathed.
        Even though I was not a direct party in what transpired, I have to admit that I feel that I got quite a bit of the shrapnel and there is my lesson learnt.
        Hope you are well, and here is to better days.

      • Hi Vic,

        Sorry you got roped into all this. After writing my blog post I felt better and after all the response I got I eventually took it down. It was a terrible look on our blog. I’d stopped looking at Kaufman’s stuff by then and haven’t looked back. I feel much better after letting it go. So it’s all good from my end.

        Thank you!

    • Not a blonde moment, I assure you. I’m afraid you would have to be acquainted with the whole story and to be honest (if it is likely to upset you as much as it did me), you are better off not knowing. Hope you are well.

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