Don’t ask me tales of power.

What do I know of it?

I am but one. Amongst so many…

My only share? Wit.


You say: dismount Babel.

Gain understanding. Speak to all.  

To think this knowledge power.

You’re either cunning or naïve withal.


Power makes others slither at its feet

Desirous to speak its language – they:

Empires’ might. The quest of the elite.

So do not ask more of me to convey.


Of power I know nothing, ghoul.

What am I? Poet. Writer. Fool.



15 thoughts on “Drained

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    • Okay, laptop suddenly developed a personality, eek!
      I mean “personal”
      As for power, lets live that for the strong in heart…for indeed the heart and mind gas to be really strong and without sentiment, to wield such.

      • No worries. You know, I read somewhere that we don’t actually ever read full words, we only see several letters and our mind guesses the rest. It must be true, because I didn’t even notice the other “e” until you mentioned it 😉
        Strange thing about power… it infiltrates all relationships, all interactions to some extent. It is there, even when presumed absent. So… being aware of its existence is a good thing, because it gives us insight into our own reaction to others. I may have to write a Let’s talk opinion post about power, as there is so much more we could get into on this.
        Thank you for your comment, Dotta – thought-provoking as always.

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