Goldfish Tales

Goeido Hall, Higashi Honganji Kyoto by Vic Briggs

The Goeido is the main hall of the Higashi Honganji (East Honganji) temple. The Goeido is Kyoto’s largest wooden structure and it is dedicated to Shinran, the founder of the Otani faction of Jodo-shin (True Pure Land) Buddhism.

Located in the centre of Kyoto, a ten minute walk from the main railway station, the temple is an oasis of peace and a wonderful place to experience contemporary Japanese Buddhism or retire for a quiet hour of introspection. 

Goeido's Dragon by Vic Briggs

This Japanese dragon (竜 ryū) resides in the Goeido’s courtyard. Its wingless style, with a serpentine body and clawed feet, is influenced by Chinese art. In Japanese mythology the dragon represents a water deity associated with rainfall.

Goldfish and Tree by Vic Briggs

Legends tell of dragons living in ponds and lakes near temples, bringing good fortune and prosperity. Although I have been unable to capture one on film, I was able to find a goldfish for you instead.

Make a wish. Or three.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

9 thoughts on “Goldfish Tales

  1. My mom may have visited that temple in the ’60’s.

    Do they still have Pottery Row?

    Haha, kind of like Cannery Row in Monterey, haha.

    • How wonderful. I am not sure about the pottery row, but I am certain it must still be there. There is a beautiful garden nearby. I will try to include that in post in the near future.

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