Henry Ansencio_Surrender
In flight. Forever running. 
A cloud of dust behind,
The cruel bind of time waits unforgiving.
Laugh now. Embrace it all
For nothing stays.
The good and bad
Wilt under moonlight both,
Their life too brief.
With their bloom will pass
This hour’s joy 
And so will too its grief.
There is no constancy for either dead or living.
Do not repine
Nor plead for a respite.
Burn bright
Against uncertainty and fear,
For all is set to pass
And all we have to hold are memories
Until the end draws near.

16 thoughts on “Insurrection

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  7. Hey Vic! Long time no read. Was missing it.

    Great poem and great message.

    Yep, embrace it all for nothing stays, I like that line. Deep and very true poem, written in a cool fashion.

    Stay Frosty gentess.

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  9. Love it! I struggle to shine bright for fear of dimming to soon but because of that there is no bright light at all. I still need to learn to let go.

    • Someone once told me, or perhaps I read it somewhere (I do spend an inordinate amount of time with my nose in books) that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather taking its measure and finding that we are equal to it when the time comes to face it. I am certain that you will find a way.
      With many thanks,

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