you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

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Britain was hit by yet another storm. A stretch of sea wall gave way in Dawlish, leaving the railway suspended mid-air. In Brighton part of the West Pier collapsed. People were forced to flee from their homes to escape the deluge.

Severe weather is set to continue battering large parts of Britain over coming days, with the threat of further flooding and disruption from heavy rain and gales. There are six severe flood warnings in place, meaning that the lives of those in high risk areas are in real danger. 

The contrast to the preceding years is startling. Perhaps Thames Water ought to issue a new poster, this time addressed to whomever is in charge of British weather:


None of us can make it sunny, but we can all do with a little less water.


If only the solution were quite so simple. Stay safe.

Snippets from the Underground series.

25 thoughts on “you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

  1. We will take the water any time of the year. Sometimes we get water once in every 4 days 😦 And we will happily give you some sunshine. Its already becoming hotter every day.

      • Hmmm… That is really bad. Hope the weather changes sooner. But again, let there not be any heat wave during summer. I am already dreading my summer here.

      • We have arrived at a time of extremes. I read recently that Northern Europe is likely to enter a micro ice age soon because the sun is at its lowest activity in centuries. I truly hope that will not be the case, but things are not looking good. With each year there are more and more droughts and floods, heat waves and snow storms…

      • Very true…. Its sad that we are not leaving a better place for the children, at least it does look like it now.

  2. Hubby off to see if he can find an open road into work (about 45 min drive away) – pretty darn hectic stuff going on all over. Those poor poor people down South Vic. The everywhere here is just water –and THE WIND! OMG that wind. ANd we are not THAT bad this end either. –
    Ah well time to get kids sorted to dredge off to schools (got a river to get over – so hope it is Ok ..should be)
    Hope you safe and sound in your space on the isle.
    ❤ B

  3. Best wishes to you in Britain with those horrific storms…I can’t help but notice what terrible extremes/contrasts our world is having…down here in Australia our land is parched…the driest January on record. 🙂

    • With the economic downturn, governments have changed their focus and no longer have global warming on their priority lists. I wonder if this will change any time soon. Hope you get some rain soon, Lee-Anne and thank you.

  4. Hey, we have our first big rain of the whole winter today. First since last winter actually. Supposed to get 1″ today. Which we also desperately need.

    • I’ve been checking the weather in California since I got back and was glad to see that you got at least a little rain. If I could send some of ours I would. We have enough to spare and a little more on top.

  5. Hope you are safe and dry. We just went through one of the wettest summers in quite some time. It was good for the lawn, and great that we didn’t have to water it.

    • I am, thank you April. Can’t say that we are not used to the rain in Britain, but although we get a lot of it every year, it is in moderation: enough to keep the fields green even through the winter, yet not enough to create havoc. I hope this year is the exception, or else we’ll be the new Venice.

    • Thank you, Melissa, and I hope you are enjoying the snow. Perhaps all will be well and the warmth will come by degrees so that the meltdown will be gradual enough to avoid flooding.

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