you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

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Britain was hit by yet another storm. A stretch of sea wall gave way in Dawlish, leaving the railway suspended mid-air. In Brighton part of the West Pier collapsed. People were forced to flee from their homes to escape the deluge.

Severe weather is set to continue battering large parts of Britain over coming days, with the threat of further flooding and disruption from heavy rain and gales. There are six severe flood warnings in place, meaning that the lives of those in high risk areas are in real danger. 

The contrast to the preceding years is startling. Perhaps Thames Water ought to issue a new poster, this time addressed to whomever is in charge of British weather:


None of us can make it sunny, but we can all do with a little less water.


If only the solution were quite so simple. Stay safe.

Snippets from the Underground series.