What is Art?

Let’s Talk Opinion in conversation with Writings of a Mrs

“…that you were not engaged with us because of your person; because of the parody of work that you display as “art” are a taint to that which is pure and true.” – anonymous

ART is FreedomThis was the message, sent to Writings of a Mrs by fellow artist that had seemingly supported her work on previous occasions. No wonder that this turn of tide had caused her shock and, dare I say it, pain. She chose not to disclaim the name of that writer, but instead to post an article that invited others to consider the meaning of art. How do you define art?http://writingsofamrs.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/what-is-art/comment-page-1/#comment-6583

This was is my reply to her question:

Art just is. Anything we give meaning to is art. And, as writers, poets, photographers, artists – meaning is what we create. Art does not become non-art because someone chooses to declaim it as such. To deny meaning is not art. To create it: is.
This is for you.

Do not be pained
Words do cut deep, but wounds:
We wear their scars with pride.
Be unrestrained
Find meanings new to weave
Against this senseless tide.
Remain untamed
By those who wish you silent.
Their wishes don’t abide.
Be art unframed
And let your poem’s canvass
Against them be your guide.


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34 thoughts on “What is Art?

    • Thank you, Jennifer. It was heartfelt, and I am so glad that it helped that day. I hope this was a one-off incident, but if anything like it happens again, I will have my quill at the ready 🙂

  1. owl off sick today – waiting for healing potion to take effect so I’m responding by internet magic instead – I love “Art just is.” so true! What I always try to remember that when it comes to art, opinions are never wrong. I might like a painting because of its colours and “movement” but the person next to me may hate it because it is abstract. Neither of us are right or wrong. An opinion is an opinion. I have learnt this the hard way – you should see my Rejection Slip file….

    • Ah yes… rejection it seems has become an integral part of our lives, but then rejection is only one’s opinion expressed, and as you so well said: an opinion is an opinion. 🙂
      PS: Send my regards to your owl. I wish her well. Try some tea with a dash of whiskey – works a treat for mine 😉

  2. Art is a feeling, a song, a thought, a sense. To each, art is personal. To share art and have it appreciated is magical. Un-shared art does not declassify it as such though. To define art is to attempt a capture of molecules of oxygen.

  3. On my most recent poem a nice person told me that she would only object to my last line if it wasn’t true. As it would be inauthentic.

    I tell stories, and write about what I want. It’s not necessarily the truth of my own situation that is being told. I was writing about a fictitious subject while playing with a bit of satire. As I leadin with talking about the emotional poems I read here on WordPress frequently.

    And ended up at Afroman, Because I got High, lol…

    I suppose you didn’t like it either, since you didn’t “like” it. 😉

    Anyway, not that she said it wasn’t art, but I don’t really understand why she would think it’s somehow “inauthentic”. It’s what I wished to say right then. And that’s as authentic as it gets.

    I mix in truth or fiction quite clearly. I surely hope no one thinks I am Captain Jones on the Madison before the Battle of Trafalgar. As that also is not “authentic.”

    C’est la vie.

    • Thank you Kavalkade. This is a very interesting question. What makes art authentic?
      There isn’t one final definition of the term in any case. I think your reader referred to “authentic” in its first sense: (1.) Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief: an authentic account by an eyewitness.
      But this is a restrictive definition of the term, since it refers to facts, and appears to bypass subjectivity.
      She certainly couldn’t have claimed for your work to be inauthentic in the second sense, since that equates authenticity with originality (i.e. something not plagiarised): (2.) Having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship; not counterfeit or copied.
      So… since your poetry and prose are original creations then, whether they reflect the real or the imaginary, makes no difference to their authenticity.

      I am almost tempted to say that all original art is authentic. Am I opening a whole different can of worms with this I wonder.

      PS: I will try to find the poem, unless of course you’d like to lend a helping hand and send me the link 🙂

      Thank you.

  4. Lovely poem. Our comments seem out of order due to how threading works, haha. They have fallen out of my bubble and I cannot tell in what order to reeply.

    I have a fairly broad spectrum of what I consider art, as compared to the puritans (conservatives around the US, haha).

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