I hear the midnight cry.
My step adheres to it,
And once again delivers
My being to that place.

The river’s waters lace
Remembrances, all tethers
To you my heart’s quick beat
No matter what I try.

Is all forgot so quickly?
Is yours the peace that I
In coveting forfeited?
Unheard my voice relents.

Itself to darkness lends
A hope yet undefeated.
Perhaps another sky
Within will colour deeply.

16 thoughts on “Skyfall

      • Actually I love the pictures of either the sun coming up or coming down in some kind of cool scenery.
        So that is the Thames…wouldn´t that be a great sight to see with someone you loved,be it girlfriend, family, just love.

      • It is… and it just as beautiful to see alone, if perhaps a little melancholy. The other evening I went out with a friend, and once we parted I decided to walk rather than take the tube. Somehow, every time I decide to take a walk I always end up down by the river, even if my final destination is in the opposite direction. I love those waters, their shimmer and inadvertent music.

      • Your a lucky woman to have those sights, and yeah now thinking about it, it would be a nice quite beautiful place to be alone, just sit there (in my case with a pac of cigarettes) and just take it all in and not think about anything else.

      • Perhaps one day you will have these sights too, if only as a visitor. They are a part of us, but in many ways we too become a part of them.

      • I´ll take the boat rather than an airplane,I´ve seen too many documentaries called Mayday something that only tell the stories about airplane crashes, stunning how many things can go wrong…anyways, should be an interesting history

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