Platform 9 ¾

King's Cross Station, London by Vic Briggs

Since JK Rowling’s famous Harry Potter has magicked his way into the hearts of children and adults all over the world, a visit to King’s Cross in search of Platform 9¾ was added as a matter of urgency to all London visitors’ itineraries. The train station has recently received a facelift, or should I say face-off, as the monstrous 70s addition was removed to reveal the original facade.

The station is part of a broader project as King’s Cross is set to become the largest area of urban redevelopment in Europe, with the addition of the largest new street in London since Kingsway in 1904 and the largest public square since Trafalgar Square in 1845.

Inside King's Cross by Vic Briggs

An architectural and engineering feat, the domed roof of the new western concourse at King’s Cross station will turn gargantuan-umbrella for all commuters and tourists seeking refuge from “inclement weather” and there are  new shops and cafés to keep all wanderers happy.

Still searching for the Hogwarts Express? Well… unless it’s the 1st of September, you are out of luck. But it you want to inspect the entrance to Platform 9¾ anyway, this is the place to be. Take a peek at the image above: follow the curve of the concourse straight ahead, and as you turn the corner to your right…

Platform 9 ¾ by Vic BriggsYou are bound to run into a group fellow wanna-be Gryffindors inspecting a trolley. It got stuck half-way through the wall when the gate closed at the start of the school year and no amount of Muggle power was going to remove it.  A nearby shop will provide you with your choice of scarf, depending on the house you favour. Hufflepuff sales are up; there are many a Cedric Diggory fan out there I hear. Depending on when you visit, you may even be surprised to find ready-made school trunks and even an owl cage waiting for you.

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16 thoughts on “Platform 9 ¾

      • Will see what we can do. By the way, have you taken the Pottermore test? The one that tells you which house you’d belong to? I’m afraid I missed out on Gryffindor – it’s Ravenclaw for this Hogwartsian 😉

      • I think I did, and if I remember correctly, I was sorted to Hufflepuff :), even though I wanted Gryffindor.

      • The House of the Badger. So you are a loyal friend and are not afraid of hard work: I think these are admirable qualities and the Hufflepuffs would be lucky to have you. 🙂

      • Thank you Vic I can see Ravenclaw’s in you too. I was amazed how the sorting hat was pretty accurate.

      • Luna Lovegood’s house! I was happy enough with the sorting, and I suppose it did take my answers into account to do it, so can’t complain. I think you’re right, KG. They’ve worked out a good alternative in the absence of a singing hat.

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