Cloud nine


You gifted me a cloud.

It melted in my palm, and through my fingers trembled 

And ran towards the sea.

I watched it melt upon a wave of golden sunlight,

To hold it in my arms again, I turned into a river

And chased the treasured vapour 

So that you’d know how much your kind bequest

Had meant to me.

For once upon a dream you had been mine

Yet with each passing day

The memories of our erstwhile time

Lose their cadence and like wintry flowers

From my horizons flee. 


Daily Prompt: BFFs

21 thoughts on “Cloud nine

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  2. wow….”to hold it in my arms again, I turned into a river” my favourite line.
    the poem is sad and sweet at the same time….a nostalgic recollection of good times…

    • It is always sad to part from friends, but even when time and distance come in-between, our memories are still ours – even if at times as difficult to hold on to as a cloud.

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