Encoded, stored, retrieved. The stimuli of forms

Returned to consciousness in effortless delight.

A rhythm, ordered into touch. Alight

Harmonic disavowal. Art — these storms 

In instinct found and then, by reason lost…

In infancy, this beauty’s approximated match

Unlit, a burning paradox. ‘Tis strife.

Cause and effect. In excess scarce abound,

A language claimed by poetry. It’s sound,

Unrecognised creation that adheres

To other truths birthed, self-aware, into life.

So dance! Let others architecture mood

While you, embrace desire’s arbitrary feats.

Be an aesthetic imprint where it meets,

Unapprehended, this infinitude.  


28 thoughts on “Imprint…

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  5. You know—I’m actually finding I like poetry. You have a wonderful way with words. I don’t expect to be wiring much myself, but I’m enjoying yours. You have created a convert. 🙂

  6. Very interesting.

    I’d swear I tweeted an image like this yesterday, haha. But the wave was heading the other way…

    I think it was from @terrinakamura’s google blog…

    Would have to check. I’ve seen a whole lot of wave pics recently, anyway.


      • You don’t have to look through my TL, haha.

        I’d rather you send me the pics of the Deer! If you have the time. haha.

        Also blogging the #VB009. The story line is being rearranged slightly from the order I tweeted it though.

        But it makes sense anyway. haha.

      • Great! I have the deer pic on my twitter pics – can you get it from there? I’ve changed my phone and the pics are no longer there 😦 Otherwise I can try and send it on twitter myself. Will see what I can do.

      • Yeah, I will try to dig it out.

        WordPress makes it a pain to find though, I have to search all your tweets individually, And sometimes it bugs out, haha.

        I can’t search on from you to me. Have to go through every tweet.

      • I can just seach your media. Don’t worry about it.

        What estate is that though?

        Would like to use it for a setting instead, haha.

        The #Krew will visit! 😉

      • I guess I can just use a random castle interior. but there’s probably interiors of that castle on the internet, haha.

      • Hmm, I can search your media and save.

        Maybe I’ll just use them as a #VB009 setting instead. haha.

        What estate or castle was that from?

      • I’ve done quite a few.

        More than I thought, haha.

        Over 20, have blogged the first 7 now, lol.

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