You knocked a bowl of sugar on my kitchen floor.

One gesture and I am transported

To a world of candyfloss twilights

When your lips rummaged for my navel

Delectably – unable to find it.

It’s all about the journey, is in not?

The spectre of a granulated whisper

Gliding over skin,

Glistening with the dew of you brow.

You never asked for anything that wasn’t yours already.


To you I am little more

Than a quotation of departed loves.

My pout less luscious than of a girlfriend past,

My cleavage less flashy.

The extension of your fingertips

In the alcove of my underbelly

Becomes a rebuttal of a relationship terminated

For my sake.


An accident – this is what you think of me.

I preferred it when you believed me a suspension of

Your Newtonian

Mechanical everyday.


Let them eat cake.

It alludes

To the witty temptation of fate.

The Scottish play to which you shout Macbeth!

Yours were the affection of Goneril and Regan,

The plummeting Titanic;

Yours too – incredibly – the ironic pitfall of a Roman Empire reborn.

Not mimetic. Accidental.

Obsessed with the marvellous —

Surrendered to the common.

A delicious basket case.



I am nostalgic for your forgetfulness and impatience

And yet my thoughts languish, self-flagellating

On the smallest of affectionate gestures

That made you mine.


You knocked a bowl of sugar on my kitchen floor.

Loose threads. Cobwebs.

Ropes, cranes, wheels, springs…

And I am counterweighted

Into your arms,

Rearranged into a Fibonacci sequence.

Intemperate. Spectacular.

As all temptresses ought to be

In their unacknowledged political radicalism.




45 thoughts on “Temptation

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  3. Oh hoah, V. A little hot in here – wanna open that window? This one has some of the best lines I’ve seen on this blog yet. Strong opener, the first 3. Quotation, suspension, Fibonacci. Nice mix of abstractions with the concrete. I myself would not have added that final word (please feel free to moderate this part of comment out: blip!). The simple show not tell, and save spit ideals. Just don’t feel it’s necessary. But you still deserve the “like” WITH it. Well architected.

    • Thank you, Diana. This is very high praise indeed. Perhaps I ought to write on impulse more often. My muse is an intemperate fellow. Most of the time I have to craft without, but every now and then they will show up and my fingertips irradiate without – seemingly – any assistance from the rest of me.
      I understand your comment regarding the final word. It was a strange one… You see, it was the echo of an answer to the question of irresistibility reverberating back.
      Thank you for your comment. It is rather hot in here, isn’t it?
      Warm regards,

      • Isn’t it awesome when the words seem to know what they’re doing? My two cents on that word were just that (not a nickel), which you are free to toss not only in artistic license but with artistic justification. Xxx D.

      • It is. It is a wonderful feeling. I only wish it came more often. I am happy to toil over my words in wait for the muse, but it is so much easier when it whispers over my shoulder.
        And I am very happy to keep your comment whole. I have my reasons, but finding out how my choices are perceived is always of interest to me. It makes me question and it makes me think – both very good developments as far as I am concerned. So thank you 🙂

      • Your hunger to learn (in all things, it seems) and to challenge yourself is something I really appreciate about you and noticed at the starting gate (of our relationship), Vic.

      • I used to think myself at a disadvantage for being curious about so many things when others were content to focus their attention and become “specialised.” I’ve learnt to accept this part of myself since.
        How very perceptive of you to have noticed it so early on, Diana.
        Then perhaps, I ought to admit that it doesn’t surprise me. I like to think that our instincts are nothing other than knowledge which our subconscious acquires long before our conscious minds catches up with it. So I knew… without knowing, of your perspicacity 🙂

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  7. Knew I had read this before, hehe.

    “Yours were the affection of Goneril and Regan,”

    Read this as Gonorrhea and Reagan… LoL. A story for the ages!

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