Take one step and I’ll strike.

You may believe me scarred…

Think whatever you like.

Others before have tarred


My world with their lies.

Don’t care to explain

Coercions in disguise.

Presumptions all, are vain.


Don’t touch me. Keep away.

Can’t stand to have you near.

Can’t bear it. Do not stay.

Won’t freeze again in fear.


I’ll tear you piece by piece

If followed one more time.

If still in doubt, know this:

I’ll bite with more than rhyme.


35 thoughts on “Scarred

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      • That’s a vicious mythological creature, which feeds first on inner negative emotions and hatred and then it turns someone into something kinda like a werewolf or something like this 😀
        But what i meant is that the rythm is brutal and synchronizes with the message well. I am not able to think in words so i always think in pictures 😉 that’s why i made the relation

      • That’s beautiful and very powerful imagery. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I haven’t come across that mythological creature before, hence the curiosity to know more. When I think of indigo, I always think of the colour. So I suppose it is an image, just not quite the one you meant. Growing to love the connection. 🙂

      • A wendigo! No wonder the search gave me nothing first time around. Thank you, chojibain. I can now see the light – or the darkness rather 😉

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    • Thank you, navigator. It is a strange symbiosis between meter and creative process when it comes to poetry for me. The metre always finds me rather than the other way around.

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