Ambivalence prevails.

My fingers have a mind of their own.

They search for a reply,

Yet hope that none will come.

Count hours. Make a sum.

Denial is a lie.

The everyday suspended. Time alone

In resignation fails.

7 thoughts on “Confession

    • Thank you, catskeltie. Now you got me thinking about this and I realised that this is the main theme of the blog. Perhaps it wasn’t accidental that I chose it for my first entry.
      Scrolling through I discovered that most of what I write does read a little like a confessional. 🙂
      Have a lovely day x

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  3. Ridding your conscience of things you’ve been holding onto for a long time is always a good practice to hold dear. I really enjoyed reading this poem.

    • Thank you. I agree and in many ways my writing journey (on this blog at least) reads like a confession. In that respect it stayed true to its humble beginnings and this is why I wanted to share this poem. Along the same lines, I love Albert Camus’ view of confessions: “A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession.”

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