Weeping Angel

weeping angel one

What sorrows hide you from the world?

Angel, why weep you so?

I heard the clockwork as it whirled

In discontinued flow…

Such beauty now by pain inured

Hidden in palms of stone

Your gaze concealed, from all obscured  

Tell me, for what atone

These vows of silence, unseen tears?

I heard from tales of old

Subdued by time, in whispered fears

Past lives reach from the cold…

Don’t blink. Don’t even blink.

Don’t dare break the link.

The angels don’t exist

When they are not observed.

If seen, they turn to stone.

But do not turn your back

For they don’t hunt alone.

They lie in wait: one touch

And you’re in time imprisoned.

Their kill will not be reasoned:

They feed on stolen moments,

On your life’s pilfered breath,

On fates undone, on paths untread.

Blink once and you are dead.