A Coin for the Journey

Moonlight Bay by MovingStill

Moonlight Bay by MovingStill

Without the tempest howls,

Leaves rust: dreams claimed by dust.

The heart is fickle

And from this world of damaged things

It shies away, embracing in its stead 

The promise of tomorrows. Endless lies…

For this one dawn may well be too, your last.

Weeks, hours, mere seconds –

The naiads of our age –

Are ruthless in their passing …

Take hold then of my hand, my heartbeat measure.

‘Tis hidden in the pulse within my wrist:

Here lies my time

In memory absconded.

I’ve gambled it away and now too late

Have learnt to prize its value.

Let go. No… Stay with me a while.

This, my diminished life, will presently depart.

How bright this moon…

Could linger here a lifetime

To feel its golden sheen upon my cheek.

How sweet the scent of lilies in the air,

And listen to the ripple of that wave…

Is that the sound of a paddle slicing through?

The ferryman will reach our shore anon.

A coin for the journey,

If you will.


Daily Prompt: 190 Days Later



Crazy in Love


Our youth will pass

And our looks will wither.

We’ll discover that our wisdom 

Was the confidence of fools,

That fame was fickle 

And wealth coundn’t pay for happiness

Or bribe away all sickness.

Hearts will grow weary of passion,

Limbs will ache with dreams of paths un-tread,

And our eyes too often

Will be denied their sleep.

As our autumn distills into winter

We’ll forget to grieve 

For those childish beginnings

When we surrendered, unafraid

And dared to be free,

Crazy in love.


Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy



The waves afar…

Their movement calm.


Swelling within:


Back and forth

Wounds. Embalm.


Sheer tempest.

Atone for all

No sorrow. No remorse.

Thy fleeting time…


Window without

The waves afar…

Thy fleeting time…

No sorrow. No remorse.

Their movement calm.

Hypnotic. Atone for all

Sheer tempest

Swelling within.

Memories Shout!

Back and forth

Wounds. Embalm.