‘Tis the Season to be Nominated!

doncharisma-org-the-inventive-blogger-awardHis name is. His name is. His name is.

Don Charisma!

He loves the bloggers and the bloggers love him,

So much that he invented a new award theme.

He’s part engineer, dive instructor and meditator too,

But one hundred per cent phoenix. Cheers, Don, and thank you!


Five things I love about blogging:

Meeting You – Being free to create and invent – Finding inspiration in the most unusual of places – Learning something new every day – Chasing the Muse and then running away from her whenever she comes around 😉

My nominees:

09ce012478d3900a332899bb1b88e7d7Taylor J.   He is so much more than a photographer. He is an artist and had I the means, I would buy out his entire collection. Stunning is an understatement. If you are a photographer or not, The Photography Lie article is a great place to begin.

cropped-dsc_0026 Bea’s BulgingButtons who’s Simple Things bring a smile to my day and I rather enjoy being Spoiled Rotten every now and then too.

untitledErik Lehman is a fellow writer and his steamy prose (fragments of his Daughters of the Rose series are now available on his blog) will make for nice fire-side reading this festive season.

LindaGHilllindaghill is a wonderful writer. She will make you laugh, she will make you cry, and will always have a kind word for you. Her Boy Series – One through… is quite something – emotion streams from every line.

hufflepuffThere is a lot more to find of interest on A Cup Of English Teas blog, but her article “A Most Unjust Representation: Life as a Hufflepuffist” made me laugh so much that I can’t recommend it enough. Harry Potter fans, this one’s for you –  delivered by owl post on Christmas Day. 😉

NKNina Kaytel and I have been exchanging Creative Writing Tips and Applications of late. She is an incredibly generous writer, both with her knowledge and time and I’m very glad to be on this journey alongside her.

6645 and 009Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew – My home for music and humour on WordPress. Kavalkade has been very diligent in chronicling the adventures of British spook 009 (I’m a master of disguise it would appear and the owner of many a secret agent hats – 007, M and Q have their hands full with this elusive Krew.

cropped-dovesEvery time I return to her about page, I am once again struck by the beauty of this phrase: “My memories are my identity,” says alygeorges. This blog-come-memoir memoirs of aly (the way i see it). hopes to motivate others and “help them understand that there’s so much to life than just resigning oneself to misery.” 

bfd723d72727c4156157dc114edca1f8For SIM | ANTICS writing is a cathartic experience, a medium to express her emotions. Sounds familiar? For many of us blogging is the equivalent of keeping an online diary and this is why I believe her blog will resonate with you.

img_1615Swivel Freely for A Bit of Cheer from a humorous swiveller who’s been an active member of The Human Race™ since 1996. She’s been “mostly hanging out in the North American continental area, so if you stop by, we should totally connect!”

cropped-snow-covered-christmas-tree1love o’clock‘s collection of short films are certainly worth a visit. They are so sweet that I’m sure she coats them in icing sugar before posting. Her blog is filled with… love, actually. 🙂

Richard AnkersRichard Anker’s blog is a place for writing, poems and dreams. His recent posts have been rather Christmasy and I’m sure they’ll bring sparkle to your holiday season. Here are a few you are sure to like: Christmas Lights, Distant Christmas, Christmas Eve and Little Heart ( The Story of the Christmas Fairy)

0dc1c473efbb2460aa75a7eaceb39612If you have ever stepped on a bus or any other public transport, then sweetness6645‘s  Chronicles of a Public Transit User blog is for you. I’ll let her tell you all about her adventures herself, and of course, she’s been agent 6645 on Twitter of late, helping me – aka 009 – chase the Krew to the four corners of the world.

38183f531eccac601046f61bc645715fRob’s Surf Report will entertain you with snippets of Life, Music, Humour and if you’re craving a little poetry and some more prose then perhaps you would like to indulge in his Fiction and Haiku collection too!

cropped-tumblr_lbxy4jhp5p1qawpa6Scarlet. She writes with such honesty about her life’s story that whatever your own take on the oldest profession, you will struggle not to be charmed. She reminds me of how important it is to never give up on oneself and the world, no matter how tough the going gets.

chateau-defaultI know that chrisnelson61 is rather reluctant to accept awards, however… I would like to take this opportunity to share with you his poetry – of late melancholy, but beautiful nonetheless: Without You.

There are many more of you I would love to nominate for this award. Time, I’m afraid is not my friend and if I spend much longer of this eve on WordPress I will risk being ostracised for all eternity from the family pack so I will have to leave you with the above nominees and wish you a wonderful morning – day – evening wherever you are 🙂

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