In Solitude

Let’s Talk Opinion in conversation with The Nocturnal Laundress


“I love my solitude. What’s more, I need it. Like I need air. I think that’s why I love the night so much. It’s so quiet and still. Nothing happening. I can literally feel the silence, and it nourishes my soul. It soothes my weary mind.” Solitude…..


This may appear as a counter-intuitive choice of subject for a series that aims to engage others in debate and discussion. In many ways — when here — we are not alone, and yet… typing away at the other end of the screen, we are.

I find respite in solitude. I let it envelop me in its cloak and feel warmed by the cadence of silence.
There is something very soothing in this being alone and I struggle to understand those who evade it. This is why I wanted to open up the theme for all of you.

Do you feel at home in solitude?

To be alone is not to be lonely, even though the two are often used interchangeably.

Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation, a feeling that something is missing. Whereas solitude is being alone without being lonely, it is a state of engagement with oneself.

In this age of alienation, strangely enough, it is precisely a lack of solitude that can curtail our joy in relationships, our creativity and even our peace of mind.

However sociable we might otherwise be, we all need some meaningful alone time. It is an indispensable tonic in this fast paced world. Those who have learnt to savour rather than fear solitude, nurture an ability to connect with others in richer ways.

We are all the children of social media. In many ways this is the speedy age of over-connectivity. In the last six decades the earth’s population has doubled. Social relationships have undergone a deep, and perhaps irreversible change. Smart phones have become extensions of ourselves. We can be reached at any time, anywhere we go, terminally in touch.

Despite all this, in a profound way, we are also terminally out of touch. In losing the need for genuine aloneness, we too are lost.

We need to reclaim our solitude. Time to think through and adjust both our inner and outer lives, and rediscover that we have the strength and fortitude as well as the ability to satisfy our own needs.

We need the restfulness of being alone to rekindle our longing to explore, our curiosity about the unknown, our desire to be our own selves, our taste for freedom.


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Asymmetric. Tango for One.


Asymmetric. Tango for One.

My life was one of poetry
And now it’s vapid prose.

Within those empty phrases
How can one find repose?

Besieged by thoughts, I slumber.
And yet am not appeased…

How can one find fulfilment,
When lusts – all – must be pleased?

Within deliberation
There is but vain contentment.

Death must be then the only
Remaining valid statement.