A wordsmith’s drought

Drought by Katie Tegtmeyer

Coagulated rain

On barren skin,

Vindictive in its glare;

Lips tethered to a silent scream —

A wordsmith’s drought

Seeks refuge in dispair.

Accursed the hand

That withers in the lie 

Of dreams unwrit,

And wields the anodine

To shield unfound

Its self-conceit. 


Daily Prompt: Three Coins in the Fountain 

Shards of Silence


Shards of Silence

Silence shards in poetry
When the blackness snows me white,
Then in howling symmetry
Paths asleep my sorrow’s flight.

My cry unheard: adrift.
My path unseen: a rift.

Specs of sand, autumnal light
Falls in dusk, impounding
Dreamlike quills of wings in flight
Ringing still, unsounding.

In a desert so bleak
Shadows timelessness seek.