The Secret…

White Feather by Stuart Lilley

White Feather by Stuart Lilley

A strand of life


From place and time;

It holds the secret of flight.

Green dew

Speckled with light

Crashed through distant horizons;

I twirled the feather

Between parched fingers

And followed the wind

To the edge of a cliff.

A whisper tangled its veins

Through the soles of my feet:



Age-Old Questions



You’ll never know. It’s done. The secret mine.

And how I rage subdued by this obsession!

Unloved, for your denied affection pine,

Having delayed too long this shamed confession.


You’ll never know. Your gratitude would pain.

I’d rather mine was silence. Will be wise,

So from another visit will refrain

And crush this sickness out of passion’s guise.


You’ll never know. I will endure this madness,

This overwhelming need to have you nigh.

Yours will be bliss. Mine only endless sadness…

The gift of life: my surrogate goodbye.



Ménage à trois

Castles&Guns_Unrequited Love

Ashen skies.

Sober with morning,

Feel my innards shrivel with poison…

I wasn’t meant to hear that you loved another.

A scoriae soul all but frozen…


In disguise.

Eyes gone sere.

Her scent on your skin,

Mocking afterthought come epigram.

I wasn’t meant to hear that you loved another.

Bile crisps up below the diaphragm,

Withering within.

Don’t come near!


Secreted sighs

Storms all
Adhere to a code
Dawn brings
Delivery from fright.
Entangled spectres disappear with the
Erase all that is past.
Dare fall.

By falling
You will learn how not to fear.

In battle hardened

Know how to rise up.
Nothing will hurt unless you choose to steer
Onto another’s course
When yours abandoned falters.

Not quite awake.
Other concealments linger,
Tormenting morning slumber

With yet to be forgotten dreams.
How many of their number
Await the pen to zinger them into
Truths? Daybreak.