Sappho’s Soliloquy


Sappho's Soliloquy

Abrasive Time its wielding wheel discloses.
Futile quests embarked upon and lost.
All is smoke, broken from skies, shattered,
Impious slaves.

Twinning stars search in vain for the rainfall.
Their pallid sheen of infinity dreaming silent.
Tainted fates in fiery pain bemoaned. Dice
Today austere.

Where I begin, therein lays the conclusion.
My Cerberus you, the hand shadows a-sculpting.
All that I labour comes to die in your night,
Hades, have mercy!

Barren worlds cut deep elusive spirits.
Past arid lives that stifle my flight.
Vapour wings gift my flesh to the sea
Of disobedience.

Vacuum. Chaos. Peace is in beginnings:
Skies from waters are yet to be parted…
Dead today is within us the light
Of understanding.