Gregory Crewdson's Ophelia

Gregory Crewdson’s Ophelia

My feet retrace their steps.

Again. Again.

I breathe the air you once breathed,

Your music bathes my night’s respite.

I wish I could explain, but words seem trite

Where yesterday was sound.


Turn around!

I will you to remember, but in vain.

Stay. Stay.

Will lose track soon enough.

Be here with me for just a little longer…

I promise not to feel the stronger

Where yours is silence.


Echoes reverberate.

Your eyes …

So blue with words remained unsaid.

The scent of you turns nights to sleepless toil.

From yours, elsewhere twined, my world recoils,

Forgotten amidst dampened leaves. Entice, compel

To feel again, again rebel.

Now will you turn?