Forbidden Fruit


You will not read these crimson lines, their secret will not know.

The dusk of my descent occluded from the orbit of your eyes…

So I, to ether’s mocking vastness, will this confession throw

And let it float – a solitary cry – until its echo dies.


Without you my footsteps falter. Your absence stillness broods.

Too far to greet, too close for comfort… My distance always kept in fear

That this, a slavish quest, may yield to your capricious moods

And if you asked for me to stay, I would not know how to keep clear.


So do not speak. If fate would have it that you should find me out,

Pretend that you’ve forgotten all and gift me this: your doubt.

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation


I stand in binary opposition;

Cannot transgress it.

I am only half

Of a definition.

Always in need of the other.


The sea shores up the land;

It cannot be without.

It asks for coasts

To measure its length.

Always in need of the other.


Body and mind. Slave and master.

Oppressed and oppressor.

Friend and enemy. Good and evil.

Always in opposition.

The bounds of One defines that of the Other.

Am I not both?