Kiss me, Kate | Unconditional Surrender

I can not grasp it, this moment – the now. It is a memory even as I breathe it in. Always here and yet never fully formed. 

Unconditional Surrender "Kiss" Statue San Diogo

There is controversy surrounding this statue of Greta and George. There are those campaigning to save it. Others would rather see it removed. Doubt is cast both on its beauty and the history of the moment it portrays.

So which is it: the romantic reunion of a couple in love… or a kiss stolen by a drunken sailor from a passer-by?

Thank you to Milford Street for inspiring this post. His image of choice is of a soldier who passes his days in laughter, at a small distance from the above couple in Tuna Harbour Park, San Diego CA, near the USS Midway Museum.

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