The Official #Krew Baseball Cards | Magic Muggles

Chocolate_frog_card_dumbledoreThis must be the funniest blogroll I have ever come across on WordPress. Kavalkade’s “baseball cards” reminded me of Harry Potter’s first journey on the Hogwarts Express and his first ever chocolate frog card.
Admittedly, #Krew cards are Muggle standard as their inhabitants neither move, nor get into the habit of leaving their frames to get up to no good elsewhere in magic land. I do hope however that Kavalkade will add some humorous backstories to the next set. His imagination is boundless and the quirky humour always hits a spot.
Until then, take a peek at how he approaches the sensitive question of age. I am rather fond of the Liz parallel (you’ll know what I mean when you get to it).
Oh, yes. And I won’t say no to a little chocolate either, as long as it doesn’t leap off the screen without warning.

The Official #Krew Baseball Cards!