I am at peace when skies are filled with stars,
When children sleep and wake without fear.
If only we could love a little more,
And let that feeling our actions steer.

I am at peace when meadows are abloom,
When young and old know not the name of hunger.
If only we could give a little more,
And never fall asleep in dread or anger.

I am at peace when waters sparkle green,
When men and women live without strife.
If only we could dream a little more
And learn to breathe the beauty of this life.

This post comes a little late. It was my contribution to “Dungeon Prompts – Week 11: Peace – Just a Word? What does it mean to you?” Since at the time Project R was in session, I have delayed the publication of the poem until a later date. The day after Guy Fawkes seems like the perfect time to share it with you.

If you would like to write an essay, short story, poem or share a picture or song that meditates on the concept of peace, please follow the link below: