It Speaks!


I was wordless. Language was empty of meaning to me,

A creature.

Abandoned by my creator, I stumbled through the dark.


Why? Because I was imperfect through no fault of my own —

A sinner?

No. Not I. The other school of thought appealed to in advance:

Tabula rasa.

An empty slate to be encrypted by the world. So if I am deficient,

A draft,

It is the world that made me so: their ignorance within reflected.

This they hate.

They hound their own failings in attacking; unveiled in their cruelty.


Like the moon on the crest of a cloud, alone and lonesome in my plight.

To learn.

So many questions and for them, the answers few. The more I read…


Like hailstones batter. Who am I? Whence I come? What place to call my home?

No name.

A luxury denied me. For had I even this, I would not howl in pain and envy.


By everything and all. Unloved. A monster. To punish their malice I will plot this:

My revenge.   

Will track you down. As winter is my witness, you’ll pay for your desertion,