Star Gazing Inverness

For light-years I have watched the world unravel

Its thirst for the material unleashed beneath,

Coiled in deep slumber their sense of wonder

Trailed by the night, a world’s absconded dream-scaped sheath.


Existence ephemeral turned to ashes

And mantled by desires for decrepit stuffs,

When I will outlast the world entire

Without once imparting their feeble lusts.


To you this passing time is cruel. Use it well.

Remember that your winnings are but earthly dust

And only memories are yours to hold awhile

So live, humanity. Don’t crave that which won’t last.


My Depression… and Yours

Walls pulled apart.

Inside and out:

Rubble rubble rubble.

Breathing in deep the dust

Of human existence.

It is not that I fear death.

It is not that I do not know

The pointlessness of life.

It is the pointlessness of pain

That drives my fears;

And when the world crumbles

All around me,

I ask

Have I no shelter from this pain?

Is there no end?

Rubble rubble rubble.