It hurt to watch your longing vanish.

Trust splintered. Vanquished. Torn apart.

My only comfort crushed in anguish,

Unspeaking raged this broken heart.


I can’t forgive. Is this to be my fate?

Punishing. Gaoled. Cruel in demise.

Unable to endure disloyalty, wait

For time to wipe away this web of lies.


 My everydayness all its shimmer lost.

Resentment simmers. Fury’s gale

Cuts to the bone as if in wintery frost

It writ this story of betrayal.



Forgive my ill-timed laughter.

If I play,

It’s not to hurt or taunt,

Not to dismay.

It is to make your day

A little lighter.

A smile is all I ask for in return.


Now take your turn.


Don’t hide from me or mine. Speak.

If you say

Your world is full without –

I will not stay.

But as for dreams… With you,

My star. The brighter,

Their impish disposition can’t unlearn.


Do not be stern.


When by my pen’s pursuit hurt,

Hid away,

You rest concealed awhile…

And snub the way

My dreamscapes tease. But I…

Always a writer,

Must life’s biopics stir with unconcern.