Secrets in Indigo

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda


You carved into my skin

The promise of a bruise

And I have watched it bloom

Into a sigh.

My body veils in silence

Each indigo – a secret

That longs for your caress

To mellow,

Else to die.

And when the snow falls red

Onto my cheeks displaced

By kisses inked in rain,

I shatter days:

The ones replete of beauty,

Those fashioned into hailstones…

All left for you to salvage. 

Your loss 

To set ablaze.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending

Sleeping Beauty


I lay asleep on the lip of a fountain,

Enveloped in the cadence of the night.

Ambushed. In slumbering, contrite

A dream of fingers closed around my ankle —

The sound of his approach veiled by the rustle of the trees.

“Dance with me.” The proclamation of a fall.

Not a request and yet… not quite an order. Tease.

Transfixed, I am unable to resist the call.

Impetuous hand imprisons. Thoughts tangled. Can’t delay

Make my escape… from his hold run away?

The shadow of a kiss, eyes searching for an answer,

Betrayed in my reluctance by a sigh

And in tenacious rave am twined into his lie.

Relentless. Punishing. By fire sealed — mistake.

To pained regrets and daylight I awake.