FINDING JANE, starring Oona Chaplin


oona2Daily Prompt: Cast the movie of your life.

Strategy: The Fictional Sidestep

A few weeks ago I started the revision of my first completed novel “Finding Jane.”

One tip for writers is to cast their characters. Oona is as close to Jane as I could get.



September 7th 2011. Jane wakes up to a shocking reality: she has no memory of who she is, where she is, or what brought her there. Where do you start when you’ve lost your past?

Armed with an iPhone and little else, she begins her journey into the unknown; a helpful stranger Cedric, and his less helpful companion Gray, at her side. The more she delves into her past life, the less sure she is whether it’s worth burrowing further.

She feels haunted by the life of a woman she is getting to know, but not like.

Should she allow her past to dictate her future?