The Price of Luxury


Greed infiltrated your arteries.

Ventricles clamour with metallic delight.

A world — yours for the taking.

With every new acquisition

Your blood simmers blue. 

Encoded in the frame of your shades

The coefficient of a man satiated with life.

Beneath this façade of contentment

Lay the dried up frustration

Of a hitchhiker bored 

With fatuous craving of luxury.

They want you for your possessions alone.

You’ve known this for a while.

Every beckoning expression,

Every obliging pose…

Sensuous. Fake.

All a spectacle for your viewing pleasure.

A chilling serenity.

Beauty that tastes of terror.


A shard of reflected sunlight in a surreptitious teardrop.

It trembled in the breeze, clinging for one moment only

To your tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Eyes obscured.