Secrets in Indigo

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda


You carved into my skin

The promise of a bruise

And I have watched it bloom

Into a sigh.

My body veils in silence

Each indigo – a secret

That longs for your caress

To mellow,

Else to die.

And when the snow falls red

Onto my cheeks displaced

By kisses inked in rain,

I shatter days:

The ones replete of beauty,

Those fashioned into hailstones…

All left for you to salvage. 

Your loss 

To set ablaze.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending



Where to my poet has in nightfall fled?

His verse still courses through my veins, inked red.


That he would not stay long, this much I knew;

His lips were silent, with the strain turned blue

Whenever questioned. “I will make things right”

Eviscerating prelude to his flight.


No more. This time I will not wait. Enough.

Will grieve for once and then, will learn to laugh

At my own wayward heart for hoping still

For his return. Such guile has served me ill.    


No longer will his violet be to seam

In feigning rhyme, then cast off on a whim.

Those eyes of indigo forewarned the lie,

His sole bequest in place of a goodbye.


I’ll tear the curtains down, bid light in,

Let forlorn chambers flood in mournful green –

Surfeit of life, where all that’s left to hold

Are empty scrolls of stories yet untold.


I’ll watch them yellow and then turn to ash,

Make no attempt to save one word or rush

To pour onto those borrowed pages spleen.

No. Let this anguish take its due unseen.


With bitter orange I will lace my drink

And let it jail my tongue, my sorrows sink

Until I cross the threshold of this day

And blunder incoherent from its flay.