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When and where do you do your best thinking?

Spend five minutes thinking about nothing at all. Empty your mind of all thought. Do not think. Feel. Let the breeze caress your cheek. Allow your fingers to discover new textures. Inhale the scent of the morning and let it graze your nostrils unrestrained. Bite into an apple and listen to its juices sizzle under your tongue.

Let go. Don’t be afraid. When the moment is over, the words will come back to you with renewed vigour. Alive. Too often we forget to allow our senses to take hold and speak in a language other than the one we are accustomed to. This is the place. Now is the time. Feel, and your best thinking will follow.

About this image: My senses amplified tenfold, I searched for something that would capture the moment and remind me of it in the years to come. An unlikely flower to attract a passers-by attention on a hot autumnal afternoon, yet to me it seemed a most beautiful and fragile offering.

Gradus ad Parnassum


These tangled sheets’ suspended animation:

Calamitous exploit into overindulgence.

Inebriated remnant of erstwhile dreams


An intravenous shot of all bodily senses —

My treasure when alone.

The scent of you that ambles, so stark in indiscretion

Upon my skin in absence of its owner. Calling.

Possessed my fingers rifle, all textures learnt unlearning

And blinded by the memory of you, my vision falters

In luminescent moods. Aquiver in dynastic fall

That voice… I hear it still. Transporting

Impious in staccato,

It ties itself around my wrists in conquest

In permutated taste, surrendered monosyllabic trigger…

I raise no claim on anything but you.