BOTY’s Third Star

Blog of the Year Award 3 star jpegThis third star for the Blog Of The Year award comes courtesy of the relentless WordPress troll-hunter, defender of political rights advocate and all around hilarious music DJ, otherwise known as . Thank you!

His own acceptance speech is peppered with tales of secret agents (featuring yours truly as 009, HRM’s crown agent extraordinaire) and is bound to entertain.

For my own two rounds of nominees, and BOTY rules, feel free to check the Blog Of The Year Award as well as Another Star for the Blog Of The Year Award links.

What I love most about this third star is that it comes sprinkled with fairy dust — and its magic can only be worked when sharing it with others. So here is my third round of nominees.

shawncanolawrapsmallShawn L. Bird is one eccentric teacher, author, poet, and Rotarian. It would be easier to tell you what you won’t find on her eclectic blog. Here are some of the things on offer: anecdotes, book reviews, Commentary, Grace AwakeningLiterature, Monday Meme and Poetry.

gohomeubbgohomeubb Besides writing about Australia’s problem with Racism, this blog approaches the issues of abuse, adoptiondepressionhumour, and poetry too.

LindaGHilllindaghill‘s life in progress chronicles in moving and insightful snippets some rather complex and difficult relationships through the Boy Series – One through…,
  • There is also good advice On Writing and Parenting to be found here, as well as beautiful Poetry. “I write. I observe. And then I write some more. People and their behaviour fascinate me endlessly. I read. A lot. I love to learn.” LGH

cropped-doves“My memories are my identity,” says alygeorges and this is why her blog takes the form of a memoir: memoirs of aly (the way i see it). By sharing her experiences, this free spirit hopes to motivate others and “help them understand that there’s so much to life than just resigning oneself to misery.”

NKNina Kaytel‘s blog depicts the journey towards becoming a better writer. You will find here Creative Writing Tips and Applications and her posts reflect some topics that she struggles with. “I hope this blog will be helpful to others as it is to me,” says Nina. Well. I certainly find it very helpful.

warrior-princess-after-fight“I’m an author and currently working on my first novel. I take inspiration from the writing style of Stephen King, in that I like tale telling that sticks to the subject matter,” says, dawnyhosking. I am always pleased when one of her posts come up. There is a lot of strength and resilience to be found on this blog. Well worth a read.

Some of these blogs are relatively new to me, but I have found in them snippets of wisdom, thoughtful insights, laughter on a lonesome day and always something more to go back for. I hope you will give them a try and see it for yourself.

Another Star for the Blog Of The Year Award

Blog of The Year 2013 AwardA big thank you to Julie for this kind second nomination for the Blog Of The Year Award. Her alter-ego, The Nocturnal Laundress, chronicles with resilience and beauty some very painful experiences. We are all in need of a good dosage of strength in our daily lives, and you are sure to find it on her blog.

For my nominees and a more detailed account about what this award entails, please follow this link: Blog Of The Year Award.

I would like to take this opportunity and add four more blogs to my original list of nominees.

Speaking of Marriage Relationship trouble? You need go no further, for here you are in the hands of a professional, and very good hands they are too.

I Dont Want To Talk About It That may well be the case, but whenever she does talk about it, it is always worth a listen. Stunning photography, courtesy of a friend, always accompanies her thoughtful commentary.

the drunken cyclist is my personal sommelier 😉 He will entertain you with heart-warming stories of Sebastian and challenge you to a wine quiz or two. If you love your wine, he’s got some great recommendations, and always adding to the list.  

The Mirror where you will be navigating through beautiful poetry, humorous and controversial posts, but also some very thoughtful musings.   

Blog Of The Year Award

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpegWhat can I possibly say? Speechless.

Thank you, sweetness6645 – the huntress of unmannered commuters on Chronicles of a Public Transit User – for nominating my blog for this award.

It seems fitting that I should be posting this nomination on a day when my American readers are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful to you all for being part of my blogging adventure. Quests are much more fun in company.

Keeping in mind that some of you have already expressed reluctance in accepting awards on their blogs, and yet there are so many of you much more deserving of the accolade than I, the task of nominating but a few is a tough one. Let’s see…

My nominees:

Taylor J.  He is the most amazing photographer artist. Make sure to read his piece on The Photography Lie. Even if you have no interest in photography whatsoever, his art is bound to change your mind.

Writings of a Mrs – Blogs about her journey towards becoming a published, read author/writer/blogger. Her white verse is a particular delight.

RichardAnkersWrites – Richard is a writer. He has recently finished his debut novel The Snow Lily and you are sure to love his poetry too.

Chronicles of a Public Transit User – This modern crusader more than deserves a return nomination. Her cause is a worthy one, and she approaches it with photographic humour.  

ErikLehman Erik is a writer of adult fiction. You can glimpse snippets of his prose, including fragments of his Daughters of the Rose series on his blog. The series will ultimately comprise nine books, and to my knowledge the first instalment is already in print or very nearly so.

Scarlet by night I was moved by her story. Scarlet’s is a world unknown to most, and for me personally her experience of that world has been a revelation.

HarsH ReaLiTy – There is a new opinion series started recently by OM which you may find of interest. He often engages in debates on current issues.

AlienoraJT – One gutsy lady who doesn’t mess with words. She always says it as she sees it. You will find many a moving story on her blog.

Poems & People – For beautiful, soulful poetry. I would say more, but since words cannot do it justice, I will leave it up to you to decide.

Books, Music, Photography & Movies : my best friends – This is my “cinema” stop on WP and she never disappoints.

The Seeker’s Dungeon – Sreejit writes soulful poetry and often invites others to participate in collaborative themed exchanges.

Idiot Writing – Do not be fooled by the title of this blog, for this is no idiot writing: ‘all our lives are a poetry – awake our souls.’

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew – My home for music and humour on WP.

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Congratulations to all the nominees! Best of luck to every one!