In reply to Played

Man in the rain

One night. That was enough

To tear my world apart.

Don’t dare call inconstant

My disappearing act.


What would you have me do?

Fight when there was no hope,

When all the while I knew

To stay would mean the rope?


I fled. Yes. I admit it.

You did not see my pain,

So from these accusations

Take care to refrain.


You were not free to love,

Be mine, be loved in turn.

To watch you be another’s

For this I should return?


If only-I were a player

And had a heart of stone,

Yet when the heavens pour

I long for you alone.


Alone Together


I sensed your arduous gaze upon me fixed

It burnt me through. I beg of you: relent.

To love your world entire you have risked,

But why did not you ask what it all meant?


Can you not see how deeply I am hurt

And suffer silent, saddened and despised.

What vows, what promises did you assert

Would leave my universe uncompromised?


This sad reality you do not see

That doom was all thy pity’s recompense.

Absconded cosmic realms in your flee,

But yours is lust, its fire too intense.


You knew my fate is to another chained.

How to break free I do not wish to know.

Your jealous pleas have left me anguished, pained,

Dreading the hour when again you’ll show.


I wish you were less proud in pursuit,

Abandon this resolve to break my will.

What would you do if I did follow suit?

Can you be certain you would love me still?  


You ask too much of me. Can’t leave behind

My life entire for your sake alone

I cannot guess at what you have in mind,

But I’m no toy for you to take and own


Then fling aside when sated in your play

Without any risk of a reprove.  

This need of you I choose not to obey,

And from my sight temptation will remove.