For never was a story of more woe…

romeo and juliet

Until the moment when your palm made prayer of my own

And lips then followed suit to cast the sin away

The taste of pure joy to me had been unknown.

To hold that moment always: no price too dear to pay.


Too quick to love, to sorrow turned delight

When you were named: the heir of my foe.

Had I not eyes to keep you from my sight

And to my heart deny this willful woe…


A moment’s weakness and the harm was done. Lament

Will not exchange your lineage for another.

What have I done? For what must I repent

To purge this longing and all feelings smother?


Had I the motion of the stars within my reach

I’d make them turn the flow of time and make it dawn

For yet another chance I would beseech,

Relive the day in flight. From you withdrawn.


If only you were nigh to hear my plea,

Make yours another name, your past deny

And with one word set all my troubles free,

Make me believe the truth to be a lie.



According to Strong’s Greek Dictionary, the number 26 corresponds to Agape, meaning Love – hence Romeo and Juliet.