The Official #Krew Baseball Cards | Magic Muggles

Chocolate_frog_card_dumbledoreThis must be the funniest blogroll I have ever come across on WordPress. Kavalkade’s “baseball cards” reminded me of Harry Potter’s first journey on the Hogwarts Express and his first ever chocolate frog card.
Admittedly, #Krew cards are Muggle standard as their inhabitants neither move, nor get into the habit of leaving their frames to get up to no good elsewhere in magic land. I do hope however that Kavalkade will add some humorous backstories to the next set. His imagination is boundless and the quirky humour always hits a spot.
Until then, take a peek at how he approaches the sensitive question of age. I am rather fond of the Liz parallel (you’ll know what I mean when you get to it).
Oh, yes. And I won’t say no to a little chocolate either, as long as it doesn’t leap off the screen without warning.

The Official #Krew Baseball Cards!

HarsH ReaLiTy | Re-Blog

OM has long been a one-man opinion force in the blogosphere. His great number of followers reflects his commitment to blogging and his determination to make a success of HarsH ReaLiTy.
I had the opportunity to spend some time as a guest writer on his blog, and subsequently had the keys to his lovingly built kingdom. I was amazed by the rapidity with which he was able to amass a large and diverse following, while also providing content and engaging with more bloggers than seemed humanly possible.
The statistics I got a glimpse of were truly astounding, more so because it showed the Gargantuan effort coupled with astuteness and creativity that OM dedicates daily to WordPress and HarsH ReaLiTy.
I hope that in reblogging this post, I can help someone who has dedicated so much time to helping others, to be able to earn the necessary funds that would avail him of the time required to continue this journey.
His model is very straightforward, and while it may not work for everyone, I am certain that there are many tips that would come in handy.
If anyone can make you a blogging success overnight (well… almost overnight – you will still have to do the metaphorical leg work) then I’m certain that OM is your man.

Is “#Feminism” a politically useful label any more? #FeministFriday Discussion

“If we all decided to get together and make a real push for women’s rights, would it be smart politics to brand that enterprise “feminist?” And what would our alternatives be?” asks Gene’O Gordon.

I am not sure that feminism as a movement has always been popular as such. It started as a grassroots movement and its history is one of struggle, with each generation facing new challenges.
Feminists have always encountered opposition, either from sceptics or worse, and yet their ideas have been at least in part appropriated by the mainstream and women have gained certain advances in terms of effective equality as a result.
Is Feminism fragmented at present? Yes. Yet this fragmentation was perhaps inbuilt into the very nature of the project, since women worldwide belong to different types of communities, themselves divided, and therefore face different types of issues in their everyday lives from those experienced by the originators of that movement.
Would a different label fare better? Perhaps. Yet rebranding would no doubt fail to eliminate opposition on the basis of embracing a new name alone. Those who assert that women’s role ought to revert to pre-feminist times will no doubt continue to do so.
My question is, whether a new movement or association that would be feminist in ethos, but differ in name would be able to overcome the difficulties feminism encounters today?

Join the discussion on Sourcerer’s blog.


If not, can we revive it? Or do we need to get creative?

(I’m not arguing that feminism is dead; it’s alive, if a little unwell. I’m asking: If  we all decided to get together and make a real push for women’s rights, would it be smart politics to brand that enterprise “feminist?” And what would our alternatives be? )

First, I’ll tell you a story, then I’ll explain why I’m asking this question.

I’m not sure when Diana hooked up with Gretchen of Drifting Through My Open Mind, but it was very early The Monster’s career. I realized sometime in January that Gretchen was a blogger I wanted to keep up with. She has a real talent for the sort of writing I enjoy: long-form posts that relate her personal life to larger issues. Whether she does it consciously or not, her posts are emotionally engaging, and that…

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Cumberbatch and I | Reconciling the Past


A welcome back gift in the guise of parody song curtesy of the Kavalkade Krew:  Cumberbuns ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk!.

I am told that one ought to consult a GP before taking their daily dosage of Cumbarbatch to avoid non-prescription side effects such as blushing, heavy breathing and fainting fancies, so approach with care. He is ch-armed and dangerous. Still… the Krew will be at hand to help if any of the above befalls you. 😉


Meanwhile… somewhere in London | #VB009 Webisode


Call it serendipity. A story can find its beginnings in a random tweet and months later it is still going strong.

Some time ago Kavalkade asked a question I was reluctant to answer so I sidetracked with the following:

“I could tell you, but then I’d have to …”

After a few back-and-forths I said my goodbyes and added a throw away remark about a target than needed to be ousted urgently.

So began the Krew Kapture saga with yours truly starring as Crown Agent extraordinaire 009.

Although Kavalkade has full artistic licence and all the dialogue in his Webisodes are his own creation, every now an then I will add a line or two, moving the story along. He has kindly incorporated my catch phrase “Crumpets!” and even introduced Cumberbatch to attempt to distract my alter-ego from accomplishing HQ missions.

If you are curious to find out his latest musings on the subject, please follow the link below.

#VB009 Webisode.

Alternatively, you could find the story on Twitter under #VB009.

All the best from the London HQ,

Yours surreptitiously,


Fellow Blogger – Vic Briggs from Shards of Silence

Suzy has kindly included Shards of Silence in her current series of interviews with fellow bloggers. Thank you, Suzy both for inviting me to take part and for sharing with us the blogs you love.

Her questions were fun and some delved deeper than expected. It gave me an opportunity to think through what writing in this medium means to me and I found it a great way to discover what makes other bloggers tick too.

Please follow the link below for her interview with yours truly.

Fellow Blogger – Vic Briggs from Shards of Silence.

If you are on the lookout for new blogs, Suzy’s interviews are a very good place to start.


Featuring Vic Briggs: (Winner of nine consecutive awards!)

It is a very strange experience, reading public reviews of your work.


We get a glimpse of the outsider’s perspective through comments and feedback of course, but those snippets are much easier to digest than a full length piece that attempts to give an overview of your portfolio as a writer and blogger.


I am touched by the warmth with which Spartacus2030 recommended my blog and the care with which he selected the articles to showcase in his piece. I was unaware that I had won nine consecutive awards until I read about it on his blog. Nor did I believe myself unusual in tackling topics such as racism for example.


Yet I can’t help but feel that my prowess as a writer is still in its incipient stage. Like Spartacus and so many others, I am still learning. It will be a long journey before I will feel deserving of such praise.


With many thanks and warm regards,

#VB009 ~ The #Krew Affair ~ Humor Webisode

#VB009 ~ The #Krew Affair ~ Humor Webisode.

I am currently boarding a plane, my dears – so will be out of action for the next 12 hours or so. Where am I going? Well – amongst my many hats, I also sometimes dabble in secret agent work 😉 Off to the U.S. of A for operation #KrewKapture he-he.

See you later!

HRM Crown Agent code 009 😉

Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5k 2013

The H that could make a difference. Healthy run and a little fun. Can you walk, run or skip 3.1 miles? There’s time a-plenty so get your comfiest footwear and let’s see where it will take us.
Skip World, skip! News

The Automattic Worldwide WP 5k is back again in 2013! Set your timers for September 29th!

At Automattic we work from all over the world, and we use internal blogs for socializing and exchanging non-work ideas in addition to making and our other products more awesome. One of the things we’re really concerned about is staying healthy – we even have an entire internal blog dedicated to fitness.

We had a great idea: Get all Automatticians from 120 cities & 24 countries to run/walk a 5k on the same day! This way we can get some exercise together as a company even though we’re apart. Two years later, and there are now 190 Automatticians who we hope will take part in the 5k in 2013.

This year we’ll be doing something a bit different – running together during our company meetup, but we want to invite you to join us,…

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A Lesson in Satire

A Lesson in Satire.

This article was written by a fellow blogger in response to Matt Forney’s “humour” piece entitled “How to Rape Women and Get Away With It,” where Forney “jokingly” condones rape. Forney claimed afterwards that his piece is satire. While his original article has since been taken down, Prodigious Leaps’ reflection on whether such an offensive article can be justified as satire is worth a read.