What are You?


The sole of your shoe had opened up;

It was a mouth,

A theatre prop pinched to encase your foot,

A silent story awaiting its audience to assemble.

I was mesmerised by its movement

And wished it to rain –

Malicious, I know, to desire it turned into a fish

Gasping at the bottom of a puddle. –

You squinted sideways,

As if deliberating your next move,

And your question found me unprepared:

What are you?

There was a time – and how I wish it back again –

When the answer required no deliberation.

I am. This much I know.

As for the “what”,

Try me again ten sorrows and a blue moon hence.



Back of the Queue

Veiled Muse | Bitter-Sweet


My sweet,

Why do you tremble so

Whenever I approach

And bitter eyes of hollow

In my direction turn?

Why is your tongue so stern

And whence is hid your play?

If only such another

Could weave its malign blood

Into my own again,

Its call I would obey.

Forgive my truant heart

Its skipping beat, and know

That since your favour’s loss

This madness is my gift:

A sightless horror born

Of sugared spleen, and cast

Into a writer’s pen…



Picky Tongues



Extinguished voice,

Its failing light


Crashing through white noise.

A shadow –

From its body ripped –

Guides simmered hopes,

All blind with fright.

By wordless depths unbound

In death,

A dissonant lament

Burns solace through my grief.

As tears turn to ash,

I write into my skin

The fire

Of a long-lost dream.


Writing Space

Vow of Silence


Warm leather claws,

Your glove forgotten on my hand.

To write into its crumpled skin

Your life beyond the flicker of a screen,

My fingers twist all flaws

Into their absence.


Segmented chasm

Flushed in azure candlelight,

The flesh of shadows black with rage

Seek vengeance for their fate upon a page

In monochrome plasm:

A vow of silence.



DP Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry


Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
― George Bernard Shaw

vic briggs


Ambivalence prevails.

My fingers have a mind of their own.

They search for a reply,

Yet hope that none will come.

Count hours. Make a sum.

Denial is a lie.

The everyday suspended. Time alone

In resignation fails.

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The Milky Way-in-sandstorm_by Terje Sorgjerd

We’re mere memories,

Clutter and stardust.

A thousands years hence,

Our balance-sheets disolved,

What voice will carry forth

The story’s end?

The corpse of wish-lists finds

Its last respite in ennui:

A cemetery of receipts

For bargain dreams.

These burial grounds

Will keep their secrets still,

Perfumed by apathetic sighs

And littered with regret.

Memento mori.  


Daily Prompt: Dust in the Wind

Loss of Innocence

Candy Cigarette by Sally Mann (Conscientious)

The burden of a confession

Bound to her flesh

In moments,

Disordered images,

In a story she wills untold:

Blood roses.

The turn of a key in the lock.

The smell of terror.

A lamp,

Just out of reach.

Words clench. Bowels flinch. Raw.

Recounted matter-of-factly

Like a trip to the grocery store –

Loss of innocence.



Daily Prompt: Take a Chance on Me

Doomed Love

Helen of Troy

Lies forged from blooms of steel

And quenched in blood,

Their last hopes interred

In the womb of a murderous gift.

Breathe silence 

Lest sands painted crimson in rage

Would betray their guise.

Beyond the twilight of a crumbling star

Awaits beauty’s scorn;

Her flight redeemed 

By the sails of a kingdom adrift.

Scalded in vengeance…

Doomed love.


Daily Prompt: Third Rate Romance

If I were a painter

Artist Palette With Basic Colors And Palette Knives

If I were a painter

My knife’s edge would glimmer with life

And lost in a canvass of white

Its spectre would carve

Only you.

A palette of shadows:

Burnt umber will blend with your soul,

Through darkness will seek earthly light

Enthral in my chase

And subdue

Time’s quickening tempo.



This poem was inspired by Sergey Gusev’s portrait painting tutorial “How To Paint Like Old Masters.”

Sergey Gusev Art


In this video tutorial I will show how to paint a man’s portrait using colours of old painters: ochre, umber, ultramarine and white.

I am using a knife only. I blend colours on the palette and paint the portrait using my palette knifes of different sizes,

Thanks for watching! Subscribe to my channel – new portrait paintings are coming in a few days!

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Star-crossed lovers


We’re star-cross’d lovers, long

Our doom has been foretold

And broken nights askance,

Their favour will withhold.

So should our paths entwine,

Pray you abscond their plea.

Pursue another’s love,

From fortune’s gaol flee.

And when your dreams are laced

With remnants of my scent

Find solace in her touch

Let absent bliss fragment. 



Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You