The Writer Sleeps

Image by Luis Beltrán

Image by Luis Beltrán


The writer sleeps…

Her dreams are home

To stories of such wonder

That could she grasp their truths,

Her pen would never leave the page again.


Grey matter feeds

Encrypted hope,

Its secrets — yet to plunder.

The unexpected soothes:

A journeyman’s respite in the inane.


So strange this land;

Dispelled by dawn

Its debris — buried under

The roast of coffee beans,

Like every morning’s rite of the insane.


Yet all the same,

The writer sleeps…



DailyPost: Mouths Wide Shut

9 thoughts on “The Writer Sleeps

    • Dear Ann, thank you for your lovely and most intriguing comment. I am heading over to your site to see if I can find the post you referred to. Sorry for the delay. I’m afraid that I only just read your message as I’m travelling around Asia and can’t always rely on getting good wifi coverage (and can’t afford the extraordinary roaming charges!! 🙂 )

    • I had the (imaginary) smell of good coffee tingling my nostrils as I wrote this. Perhaps the earthiness was transmuted from my desire for a good cup of that particular beverage. I am still living a nomad’s life, which does wonders for the senses, but very little for blogging time. Will see if I can redress the balance when I’m back in the UK in another fortnight or so (there will certainly a lot to write about). Thank you for keeping in touch, Lee-Anne, and I trust you are well.

    • Hello Jim, good to hear from you too. Hope you are holding up well and keeping up the writing. I am on the road as it where so can’t access the blog or write for it with any frequency or consistency at the moment, just doing my best to keep it alive and waiting until I’m back home. Best wishes and regards,

  1. But it’s oh-so-wonderful when she breaks away from the dreamscape, swims back to “reality” (whatever that is!), and puts pen to paper to distill those stories of such wonder! I can really identify with this; it’s a good day when I wake up and remember a good dream enough to write it down. Fantastic to “see” you again, Vic. 🙂

    • Hello Leigh, and so sorry that it took me so long to reply. I have been on the road as it where and since I got back, been busy trying to tie up loose ends before the holidays. Hope you are well and thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      • No worries, Vic. I’ve been a bit out of the WordPress loop myself for a few weeks now–as you said, the holiday busy-ness is upon us. I hope you had a productive journey! I myself need to catch up on a lot of great writing, like yours for instance.

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