Secrets in Indigo

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda

Painting | My Summer Wine by Adrian Borda


You carved into my skin

The promise of a bruise

And I have watched it bloom

Into a sigh.

My body veils in silence

Each indigo – a secret

That longs for your caress

To mellow,

Else to die.

And when the snow falls red

Onto my cheeks displaced

By kisses inked in rain,

I shatter days:

The ones replete of beauty,

Those fashioned into hailstones…

All left for you to salvage. 

Your loss 

To set ablaze.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Mystery Ending

17 thoughts on “Secrets in Indigo

    • When I first came across the painting I made a double take. The composition certainly mirrors Klimt’s The Kiss, if only in close up and with a reversed image. There is a darker undercurrent to the poem as well as a lighter one. I was curious to see which one would resonate most. Thank you, Chris.

  1. Hi Vic, I’m wondering if your exquisite poem is about domestic violence and the way (ostensibly women) still love and forgive their abusers. (after my first reading I thought it was about tattoos!) 😉

    • Dear Lee-Anne, you are quite right about the intended subject matter, although of course a reader will make the poem their own (so perhaps it is about tattoos! 😉 ). For once I wanted to fashion beauty out of something that is very much the opposite of that in every way possible. I wanted too, in so far as this was possible, to capture the mindset of someone who is in a situation like this and for whom things do not appear as black and white as it might to an objective observer. Thank you, Lee-Anne, for giving me the opportunity to explain.

      • It is such an incredibly beautiful and poignant poem, Vic – so sensitively crafted. It perfectly captures the paradox of loving an abuser.

      • Thank you, Lee-Anne. I shied away from it at first, afraid that I would not be able to do it justice, but with each verse I drew courage and went on.

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