In the absence of sound

Silent Music by Vic Briggs

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” 

— Aldous Huxley, Music at Night and Other Essays


About this image: This is one sculpture amongst the many that have their home in the outdoor rooms of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington DC. The memorial is a focus for those who work tirelessly to promote the welfare of disabled citizens. I thought that this sculpture captured beautifully both the idea of sound and its absence,


13 thoughts on “In the absence of sound

    • Certainly Lance, thank you. When it comes to the complete art-form, I would certainly opt for the play. As a writer too, I will be the first to admit that whether in poetry or prose, there are so many opportunities for self-expression. And yet… When it comes to speech (whether performed or written), while it comes very close to expressing what we mean or what we feel, there is always something that can’t quite be captured in words. I believe that is where music comes into play: it expresses those parts of our existence, of our feelings and thoughts that escape expression.

    • Dear Frankie,
      Apologies for the belated reply. I have been away from my blog these last few weeks. Of course I am happy for my photos to be used by fellow bloggers as long as they are credited.
      Warm regards,

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