A writer’s holiday from blogging


“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” 

— Ernest Hemingway

There is a price to be paid for high productivity. The storm passes, the energy – seemingly boundless to begin with – recedes. Ideas continue to haunt, crashing through the plates of one’s skull and demanding to be allowed space on the paper. But fingers have turned sluggish. They wave away all hurried calls for more. Not now. Now is not the time. They are still caught in the half-dream of the morning, in the worlds that had gifted them stories without asking for anything in return. They long for the feel of freshly mowed grass, for the warmth of a steaming bun. They long for a break from the abstract and a return to the pleasures of life, as humble in their everydayness as they might be.

Today we shall have the world at our fingertips and live life so that we might glean something worth writing about.

15 thoughts on “A writer’s holiday from blogging

    • I promise not to be away for too long, Ann (just need a little time to get lost and find my way back). I have penned a poem this evening after having my first break in a while so keeping away is already proving to be fruitful. Hope you are well and wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

  1. I’m sorry. The warmth of a steaming bun? What pictures that conjures! LOL! Well, I guess when you get back, I’ll leave again! LOL! Enjoy some sunshine for a while! Get out and smell the Roses! That’s an order?

  2. Such a beautiful, evocative description of the lure for the time and peace to snatch and pin down those ideas…run with them.Until I ‘see’ you next, Vic! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lee-Anne. My fingers are well satisfied with today, although I can’t speak for my feet: they’ve had to endure a good 16 miles at least. Nonetheless, they will get enough rest tonight. They’d better in any case as there is a new adventure awaiting them tomorrow 🙂

      • It was certainly so. I often find that exhausting one’s body gives much needed respite to one’s mind. I feel reinvigorated certainly, even if my feet are a little worse for wear. 🙂

  3. I’m going to make it a goal to explore your blog more while you are on your break & look forward to your return. That Ernest Hemingway quote is the background on my laptop – favorite. Enjoy finding your inspiration.

    • I am so glad to have discovered someone else who shares my love of Huxley. Hope that you will find other posts to enjoy while exploring. I will be adding to them whenever I am able. Thank you.

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