Spiralling out of Control | Exploring DC

Why walk in a straight line when there are so many hidden treasures off the beaten path?

There are many a person who goes on a city-break with a “tick list” in hand: a list of things they want to see and do. Of course, when time is of the essence this may very well be the quickest way to get acquainted with a new city. Personally, I prefer to get lost in a new place so that by the time I find my way again, I’ve also managed to make it my own.

Washington DC is no exception to my roundabout ways of exploring. The only thing I knew about my first outing in DC was that at some point I will reach Georgetown. There was no mistaking it once I got there, and here are some of the spirals, curves and zigzags that I discovered on my equally topsy-turvy journey.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

The first thing that I absolutely had to stop and capture on film (well… its digital equivalent rather) was this stunning powder-blue staircase. Amazing curves and a colour to match. If you look carefully you will notice that the sign above the door is a steam locomotive! The romantic in me could not resist.

Blue Spirals by Vic Briggs, Georgetown: Washington DC

This second find made me grin ear to ear. How often do bikes go quite this pink? I loved how this oldie was refurbished into a flower pot, and although it is a little worse for wear, I would not have it look any other way. Did you spot the zigzags?

Pink Cycling by Vic Briggs, Georgetown: Washington DC

After zigzagging all around Georgetown, we took a well deserved by the Potomac and let our legs dangle off the curve of this water-side path, so that we may watch at leisure the rowers who were speeding through the heat of the day towards the nearby bridge.

Summer on the Potomac by Vic Briggs, Georgetown: Washington DC

I have to agree with Ben: “The quickest way between two points might be a straight line, but it’s rarely the most interesting one.”

8 thoughts on “Spiralling out of Control | Exploring DC

    • Absolutely, Suzy. I’ve always found that the nomadic lifestyle suits me best: stay too long in one place and I am bound to start scratching at the metaphorical walls 🙂

  1. I love your view of travel and touring Vic – getting lost and ‘making your own’ the way back.

    Love the powder blue staircase, steps and door with their romantic promise. Love the pretty zigzaggy bridge, but especially LOVE the pink bike. I’m going to acquire one to adorn the garden. (paint it and grow flowers in the basket!) I’m a big copycat but I’ll call it ‘appropriating’ in the name of art and beauty! 😉

    • I have friends who might disagree with my particular style of delving into the unknown, but I am yet to find a better way. As for the flower pot, I do hope you replicate it. It is delightfully bright, isn’t it? I’m still smiling just thinking of it 🙂

  2. I’m trying to get my husband on this mindset! Just go – no plan necessary – see where you find yourself. We’re making progress. 🙂

    My mom has an old bicycle just like that, she spray painted it orange & has in her garden! I’ll have to tell her she wasn’t the only one with the stellar idea!!

    The pictures are lovely.

    • Isn’t it just lovely to get lost a little? I find that I enjoy every escape into the unknown much more than those outings that have been planned down to the last detail. There is a freedom that comes with a lack of a plan, there are no expectations to be disappointed and always something unexpected to be met with. Of course, I will never object to someone else making the plans and will be happy to run along, because to me it will still be an adventure 🙂
      Oh – hope your mum won’t be disappointed to find out that someone else has done the same. The more bright bikes-come-flower-pots the better I say.

      Thank you

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