A question to my readers


As some of you may already know: while being a writer, I am also a philosopher-in-training. Currently my philosophy project is on hold, however there are several pieces that I have written that would lend themselves well to this medium.

So here is my question to you: Do you think that philosophy posts would be a welcome addition to my current range of topics, and if so, what subjects would be of most interest to you personally?

Awaiting your replies.

With best regards,


37 thoughts on “A question to my readers

    • Thank you for the enthusiastic reply, Jo! The one thing about academic essays and articles that I may have trouble with adapting to a more journalistic style will be the references, but I’ll take on the challenge.

  1. Yes! How about something to do with ethics from a philosophical perspective? It’s something that has been on my mind a lot lately, and I’d love to see what you have to say.

    • I have to admit that ethics is the one aspect of philosophy that I have not delved much into, so this will require additional research. There are two opposite camps when it comes to philosophers regarding this subject, perhaps I could begin by delineating what the key points are on either side. Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Definitely:

    Why are humans the only animals on Earth that instantly loose 2 ounces weight when they die, and where does it go?

    Is it possible that there’s an Earth like planet orbiting on the far side of the sun, and is synchronous with our own orbit?

    Is judging the way between whether something is closer to being right than wrong, the way Philosophers operate?

    Why do they invent locks, and then invent lock cutters for a way to get in?

    Do dyslexics believe in Dog?

    Just a few possible topics, to help get you started :O)

    • Thank you for your suggested topics, spartacus. I am not sure that I would be able to give answers to every one of them from a political thought or philosophy perspective, but I will see what I can do.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence, Suzy. Since there appears to be sufficient interest in the subject I will attempt to adapt and publish several of my articles. It’s a fairly new idea of mine so I don’t know how easy or difficult it will turn out to be, but I suppose the best thing to do will be to begin with those topics I have found most interesting myself 🙂

  3. Vic
    I cant ask you what to write about. I believe in letting things flow through us.
    What is bothering you today?
    That is what I would ask you to write about.

    • Thank you, Jim. Political thought and philosophy is an important part of my life – even if one I have not yet shared (with one or two notable exceptions) on my blog. I like the way you formulated your answer and will certainly keep your advice in mind.

  4. Love philosophy! Some rudimentary questions:

    Why do we all crave power when what makes us really happy is love?
    If we know that our understanding of the world is limited, why do we still strive for perfection?
    Does destroying your ideals with the philosophers hammer leave a life without meaning or a world of possibilities?

    This last one is from my thesis, and since I know your a bit of a political philosopher yourself, I thought I’d pose it:

    If the state is the coldest of all cold monsters, as Nietzsche asserts, should we offer it civil society on the altar of sacrifice or should we look for a slayer?

    Enjoying your blog!

    • An excellent set of questions, Jelle. Thank you. I caught myself elaborating on how I might best approach and formulate an answer to each question as I read. Very glad you are enjoying my blog (quite a departure in many respects from what I was writing about in an academic setting, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.)

    • Thank you, KG. I never imagined that I would be tempted to expand what I write on my blog to philosophy, but it is such a big part of me that perhaps in many ways it was an inevitable development.

    • Thank you. My training has been in politics, both thought and philosophy, but I know that social science intersects with the former to a great extent, but approaching the topics from a slightly different set of paradigms. So while I am more likely to write from the point of view of a political thinker, the topics I write about will hopefully be of interest to those from the social science camp as well.

    • Thank you, Martha. I really appreciate this. You are right, since political thought and philosophy is such an important part of my life, I ought to feel comfortable sharing it with those who visit my home on-line.

  5. Absolutely. And, without wishing to sound indecisive, any subject area is good to spark thought or debate. As Bachman Turner Overdrive once put it, ‘Any lovin’s good lovin’ (substitute ‘lovin’ for ‘talking’)!

    • Thank you, Chris. I already have quite a few ideas for future articles on this topic. It will be a little difficult with some of them because most of my files (I still keep a lot of paper files if you can imagine such a thing in this day and age!) are not with me in the US, but those that I have electronic copies of, I will certainly delve in and share.

  6. Yes! I only studied one semester, Philosophy 101 – Descartes, Rousseau, J Stuart Mill, Nietzsche – the usual suspects…

    But I’d like to read about ‘Vic’s philosophy’ 😉

    • Oh! How wonderful, Lee-Anne. From amongst the philosophers and political thinkers you mention, Nietzsche was a particular favourite of mine: so much so that I was tempted to write a thesis on his philosophy (the nature of “truth” would have been my subject of choice). Most of my work in the last few years was focused on a continental philosopher however, and this has also influenced and formed my own worldview. Look forward to taking on this new challenge 🙂

      • I know you’ll do it admirably,Vic.

        Am refining my ‘Lovely’ response this weekend, will post it soon (as you’ve probably gleaned, I am a SLOW blogger!) Lxx

  7. Personally, I would like to see you address philosophical questions in a modern, contemporary context–for example using a “current event” and examining it through a philosophical lens. Does that make sense?

    • It absolutely makes sense. I used to do this a lot as part of my politics projects, to show that these ideas are still relevant today and can give us additional insight into modern life.
      It would be interesting to return to that particular approach to philosophy questions: I have been so immersed in its abstract aspects of late that the experience should be a refreshing one.
      Thank you for the suggestion.

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