1000 Anniversary Candles

On the 31st of July 2013, vic briggs ~ a writer adrift ~ took to the blogosphere and Shards Of Silence was born. 
Earlier today I received a message from WordPress informing me that my blog now has a following of 1000 (1011 followers to be exact).
I know that to the mega-bloggers on the internet, with tens of thousands of followers – and some of whom I follow myself  – this may appear a relatively small achievement. Nonetheless, I am also certain that they will remember their elation at first reaching this magical number. (Wish you had told me that it befuddles first!)
Congratulations on getting 1,000 total follows on vic briggs.
I could not believe my eyes. 
Having long abandoned following the stats, and given my extended absence from the community, I expected a drop in followers rather than the reverse.
So to all of you, who have been here with me from the very beginning and to all new followers too: a very BIG thank you. 
The truth is that whether you are an active commentator and regular visitor on Shards of Silence or whether you come by rarely, or are amongst the silent number: your support is invaluable.
It helps me weather the difficult times and compels me to be creative so that every single visit would bring something of worth to your day: from humour and entertainment to poetry and art, and thinking through some difficult topics. 
I endeavour to be the best I can be in the moment, and strive – for your sake and my own – to always do better. 
So thank you for being here with me!
Warm Regards,

41 thoughts on “1000 Anniversary Candles

    • Many thanks. I can’t believe how quickly this last year has come to pass. I am still catching up on posts I have missed during my absence and look forward to visiting your blog soon: your posts always give me food for thought.

    • Thank you, Andrew. This year I have learnt how difficult it can be to balance blogging with other writing projects, so I hope that in the year to come things will fall more easily into place.

  1. Congratulations and happy blogger birthday, Vic…1000 followers that’s amazing. I have very few but then I don’t follow many blogs as I find it too time-consuming to read, like and comment. My philosophy is quality over quantity (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) 😉

    PS: I checked out the Johnny Depp Mad Hatter eyes, and do love that green/gold hue. I bet yours don’t have the slightly mad googly stare of JD and if they do, I’m sure you carry it off with great aplomb.

    *Lifts celebratory flute in ‘cheers’*


    • Thank you, Lee-Anne. It is still sinking in: both the number of followers and the fact that it’s already been a full year. Quality over quantity is a very good philosophy to have.
      When I first started blogging I didn’t expect anyone to follow my blog at all, and it was always a pleasant surprise when they did. It still feels the same, every time I get notified that someone new had followed. I think what got me interacting with others a lot more was my Relationship Interrupted project, which I had started to help a friend recover after a particularly difficult breakup. Since I was relatively new on WordPress at the time, I had to actively seek out bloggers and invite them to contribute. When the project was over, the Let’s Talk Opinion series took its place.
      You are quite right about it being time-consuming (hence why there are not as many Let’s Talk Opinion posts on my blog now as there used to be in the past), but it has its rewards too.

      PS: If you imagine the Mad Hatter eyes with nuances that are less disco-colour, you’ll have the right image in mind. I can do the goggly stare too, but not quite on a daily basis 😉

      Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  2. Reblogged this on Andy Kaufman's Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet and commented:
    Vic showed up not long after I started blogging in early August and liked the music. And calls me Kavalkade.

    So we shall continue to Kavalkade about, and celebrate Vics birthday and 1000 follower achievement.

    Vic of course was the inspiration for #VB009, and stars in #Roastersodes as well, as Princess Vic Brick Le’House

      • Thanks. The thing that improved the rate at which I got followers was to blog daily. The interactions with people also improved. I didn’t think I could do it after trying a couple months of post-a-day a couple years ago, but I’ve been able to do it consistently since March.

    • Thank you, Chris. I have quite a few ideas for new posts. It’s just a matter of getting the seat of my trousers securely set against the seat of my chair and typing away. 🙂

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