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It’s been only two days since I found out that there is a new phenomenon on Tumblr and Facebook that carries its standard under the name of Women Against Feminism. I didn’t know whether to find the news upsetting or downright depressing. Having spent some time reading through the commentary, I felt myself torn between a desire to write a dozen hundred messages of “WRONG” in reply to some or adding my own two pennies’ worth to the mix.

The trouble with any such discussions is that it is near impossible to persuade anyone to think otherwise without days of back-and-forths, vast amounts of research to back up arguments and emotional energy to consolidate for potential losses. Plus, the likelihood of succeeding is even then very slim. More often than not the opposition will simply use well-intentioned counter-arguments  as additional fodder for their – dare I say misguided? – cause. They will continue to insist that they know their mind and that it is their right to think however they will. Well… there at least they are right. Since I was already caught in a plethora of projects of my own, I left it all alone.

Until today!

You see, earlier today I was making a much overdue incursion into the world of Facebook  and came across a puzzling article by Katie Halper. (Whoever said that Facebook is bereft of anything useful? Will not be fooled twice.) You may be surprised to find out that this piece was about cats.

Cats? you ask. What on earth could cats have of any use to say?

Alright, alright. But they were not any old cats mind, they were confused cats. Still puzzled? Well… “Like many of the women featured on the Women Against Feminism Tumblr, these cats don’t seem to really get what feminism is,” Katie says and then proceeds with an exhibition of some of their photographs and “anti-feminist” messages:

“I don’t need feminism b/c a woman needs a man like a cat needs a fish. and this cat needs a fish,declares a stripy-grey feline.

I’m against feminism because… wait that’s vacuums. I’m against vacuums,” purrs a moody-looking charcoal black cat.

“I don’t need feminism because I support the oppression of ALL humans! muahahaha”

Ok. That last one was chilling. Brrr… On the bright side, this is how I found the antidote for my upset: humour and Cats respond to #WomenAgainstFeminism with new blog: Confused Cats Against Feminism is just the dish to serve it with. Fishy? Yum.

The project started off quite simply because the blogger of WeHuntedTheMammoth found herself with two anti-feminists in her household: “Against my better judgment, I agreed to take pictures of them with signs spelling out their objections. None of their arguments make much sense to me, but, hey, they’re entitled to make their case on the internet if that’s what they want.

There’s just one little complication: the two antifeminist females in my household are not, you know, human females. They’re cats.

Needs must, however, so this ingenious blogger did not despair, but instead started off a new blog which within days became a phenomenon in its own right. Anyone can add their confused cats to the site. WeHuntedTheMammoth adds a single caveat to this: “your cats must be genuinely confused about why they oppose feminism, and generally unclear about what feminism is.”

There you are: if you have a cat who happens to be harbouring anti-feminist feelings and yet can give no clear explanation for their professed views, now they have a public platform whence to bring their confusion.

And here too is where my own furry companion has decided to take their befuddlement:

Inspired by Monty Python –  

Delivered by Cat.


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15 thoughts on “#WomenAgainstFeminism ?

  1. Confused, anti-feminist cats. I LIKE IT! The picture busted me up right away! Us Hominids are a funny group. Is it equality we seek, or dominance? Excuse me: Representative; have a cause, all be it a recessive one.

    What was old is now new again… Perhaps women will blush? Hold on! It’s just helium they’re holding… Just dunno. Maybe that’s what rich men want; submissive slaves, and some women find this a sneaky way to move up in the world?

    How are you? Come visit me; we have things to put ketchup on :O)

    • It’s brilliant, isn’t it? So funny that I wish I had thought of it first. Still: happy to get my confused cat to tag along with the rest. “The more I see of the world the more I am dissatisfied with it.” – was true in the 19th century and seems to have seeped through all the way into the 21st – humour always seems to be the best answer. 🙂
      Will come visit. Good to hear from you.

    • I think that’s why it was such an ingenious idea for cats to deliver the message. I imagine that’s what WeHuntedTheMammoth had in mind: who better to say it than a Cat? “I’m not affected, so why care? Hand over that fish” Ha!

  2. Great drawing and comments. You might like Laci Green’s Why I am a Feminist video on YouTube. Thanks for your humor and thoughts.

    • Thank you for the recommendation, Elisabeth. Will check that out. I needed a little humour that day, and as always with these things, thought it would be lovely to share it with others. Happy you enjoyed it.

  3. I LOVE this. This part, especially, cracked me right up:

    “WeHuntedTheMammoth adds a single caveat to this: “your cats must be genuinely confused about why they oppose feminism, and generally unclear about what feminism is.”

    There you are: if you have a cat who happens to be harbouring anti-feminist feelings and yet can give no clear explanation for their professed views, now they have a public platform whence to bring their confusion.”

    Humor is often the best way to approach things like #womenagainstfeminism. Very often.

    • I absolutely agree, Gene’O: where would we be without humour? And I certainly needed it so I’m grateful to both Katie Halper and to WeHuntedTheMammoth for lending a hand and a laugh.

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